Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • If any one has black edition brake callipers , the gloss ones with 10mm hex cable clamp I want a pair... swap for 2019 ones or cash / parts...

  • Well that would seem to answer taht question then :-) Thank you

    There will now be a short delay whilst I work out how to get it to you from Amsterdam :-)

    Thank you

  • Post it?

    Go speak to Vincent, he’s in Rotterdam -­x.html

  • I'll have a look at how much it'll cost to post to you/who can do it. That doesn't seem impossible. Not that I have anything AGAINST Rotterdam

  • Let me know, we can always arrange a collection - to continue this :)

  • On the block with a hole cut in the centre so it can latch. Quite a soft material you need, like a piece of wetsuit material, something like that.

  • That bit of play is a standard feature - tolerances and variances etc. Can be minimised if you're handy with a Dremel or file and measure>cut>measure .. link­0521866/permalink/1333747316766169/
    It's my bike in the post, almost a year on all's fine and it still has only the tiniest bit of movement.

  • Those Conti tyres for Bromptons, I'm quite impressed. Had them on since they gave out a few samples in early August. The pair I have are said to be a bit bigger dia than the production ones will be, that would be good as they're big enough to be a tight fit on the frame when the rear under is folded under. But so far they've felt quick as well as comfortable (compared to Kojacks on there before). On poor road surfaces they're much smoother/cushier. I've let the pressure drop to the point where they felt a bit too soft, turned out that was 45PSI. At 65PSI they feel fast as well as comfy. Hope the production tyres keep as much of the volume as possible.

  • Issue is they don’t fit under guards...

  • Got the standard guards on mine? No problem. Adjusted the front a bit from where it was from the factory with Kojaks, that's all. Edit-was the rear I think, not the front, I nudged the guard stays in a bit to make a bit more space under the upper stay bracket area as it was really close to the tyre. Only needed a few mm.

  • I have fitted PP and current stock, neither clear under the brake bridge on the rear, tested on 3 bikes.

    Tyres are much bigger than a 35mm One or MR - mainly in height

  • Odd. I have loads of space under the brake, enough for the guard which was only a bit close at that upper bracket point.

  • take some photos? what rims / brakes etc?

  • Maybe a different tyre spec. Just had a quick look. The tyre is ~34mm height from the rim edge at the centre of the tread, 34.5mm wide. Conti said they were from a sample run (these ones have a black RF strip) and came up a bit bigger than intended for production but I expect they were from a bunch of samples, maybe mixed specs there.

  • What’s the consensus on the B75? Thinking of getting something on a cycle to work scheme, and the S3L/S6L are both above the limit.

    My commute is pretty hilly so ideally wanted a 6 speed, but I understand the B75 has the -12% 3 speed. Also, how easy is it, if at all, is it to change the bars to flat ones?

  • Thinking of getting something on a cycle to work scheme, and the S3L/S6L are both above the limit.

    Hassle your employer to update or switch scheme, there isn't a hard limit.

  • I work for the NHS, and their scheme is through a company called Vivup, who apparently do have a hard limit

  • I understand they are a larger employer and might be slower to change but it's still worth trying...

    Most schemes had a £1000 limit but this summer there was new guidance issued which changed things, it's just taking a while for schemes to update and perhaps get FCA registration. More than you probably want to know at­/government/uploads/system/uploads/attac­hment_data/file/808626/cycle-to-work-gui­dance.pdf

  • There's nothing wrong with the B75 - apart from the missing folding left pedal - but if it's the spec you want then it's not such a great deal.

    If you put a completely flat bar on a B75 you'll end up with much lower handlebars than the factory flat bar (S) because the stem is shorter and they're hard to buy separately. MTB riser bars are a common upgrade. It's a standard 25.4mm clamp and all the accessories are 22.2mm, so you have lots of choices.

  • if you are happy with it stock, great, otherwise its £££ to upgrade.

    They made a poor decision in my book, using the pre 2017 stem means the bike isnt upgradeable unless you want custom stuff.

    I did a sweet build for @Bodz but it was only worthwhile because we offset stock parts against new parts.

    SJSC3 at £799 with new style brakes, levers, shifter, and stem.

    It could be a great bike, but I think its just missed the mark.

  • You can just pay the excess? Never heard a shop that does not accept a £1000 voucher and cash/card payment to top up.

  • this is what I did with mine, when I got it from Putney Cycles RIP.
    £1k voucher and then topped up with cash.

  • I can’t find the SJSC3 - is it a special model?

    What’s non-upgradable about the pre-2017 stems?

    I think the B75 would be mostly OK stock, apart from the mudguards. I think ideally I’d want a lower front end because I run a reasonably aggressive position on my road bike. Perhaps I could compromise by running some of those mid-rise bars with the shorter B75 stem. Would a B75 stem with completely flat bars be unridably low?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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