Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • As with most other special editions

    at least CHPT3 was titanium ..

  • was it? painted to hide is actually steel ;)

  • The wife got that curry feeling!

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  • Following on from the Kinetics/explore chat, on the CTC forums someone mentioned rumours of a new Brompton model in the pipeline - any secret squirrel hints? Or had they got the wrong end of the stick with the explore?

  • Is there a link to just the bag?

  • What are the bars on the orange one?

  • It’s a stock m6l and then new wheel/triangle.

    Stock m type bar!

    I fit Joseph kuosac mid rise bars pretty much every day I’m at work though!

  • I like the explorer bag. Not sure I can’t do most of what it does with the biggest Carradice, though?

    I wanted to put risers on my s-type but the dicks on Lambs Conduit who said they’d do the job quickly did it sloppily (ie ignored my instructions). Should have sent it to you guys at SJS as you offered!

  • Ah that’s no good. More than happy to try to fix it?

  • Can't find it now, but it was in a discussion of changes to the spec over the years; one of the regulars said they'd heard there was a new model coming.

  • Explore model seems like a triumph of marketing over content

    Can't see it being better than a standard Brompton (I've already lowered the gearing on mine so I can carry stuff/child more easily)

  • Can't see it being better than a standard Brompton

    ignoring the paint;

    you get some spares, different saddle, grips, no guards and 44t ring - every bike we sell has the same amount of changes..

    its a standard brompton with a tent colour scheme and a few nice touches.

    The bags are cool,but only with the bike..

  • When will new colours come out? And do bromptons ever go on sale, or are last season’s models just destroyed?

  • Out now... 12 week bike lead times means they are due early december.

    Some shops do, some shops dont need to..

    SJS will clear any remaining lagoon blue, red and lime bikes January.

  • Surely you should be putting the prices up as they’ll become rare and sought after...

  • Put a lime front on a red bike, take the mudguards off and sell it with a bag as a limited edition.

  • Probably look better than the explore. There’s like 4 different greens going on. Think the design team need to put down the hash cakes.

  • I dunno, the explore has this and as someone that likes chevrons I'd prefer it.

  • I have one in front of me and the chevrons looks shit.

  • Ha.

    Natural sales for a few months, clear later.

    Too many bikes to keep track of if we don’t

  • I can’t find any news on 2020 models, except the ~adventure~ Brompton. Do you know what the new colours will be?

  • Lagoon blue, lime and red dropped.
    House red, Matt orange and Graphite added.
    Bolt blue added to electric.

    Photos on @sjscycles insta!

  • I decided that I would like to mount a bag on the front of my year old Brompton

    One of the grub-screws is seized. Two LBS can’t undo it.

    What are my chances of warranty replacement/removal?

  • None.

    Post it to me I’ll sort it FOC if you buy the carrier block from us at the same time?

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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