Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • I can't blame them for that, they can't have everything in stock... TBH they went over and above helping me out at the last minute...

    I'll have a look and give it a go, show me a rear close-up of one you've done? I'm shit at this unless I get a bit of a visual clue......

  • Checked out Brisbane's Brompton dealer today, not a brilliant selection of stuff but I did get some Easy Wheels... Pretty easy to fit but what do I do with the bung?

  • why not? ;) we do! ha!

    stick the bung in the bottom of the seat post..

  • But my seatpost has already got a bung in it! I guess it's all ok then... 🙏

  • If you're getting rid I'll take them Joe.

  • These bars will have clocked up some air miles.
    PRC > UK > OZ >........UK?


    Pretty good,

    Except you can’t buy the reaming tool (it’s £100 odd) and they won’t tell you the size 😂

  • What replacement little roller wheels for a Brompton? got the oe little conical ones on it at present

  • The cheapest / as functional as the rest are the Brompton ones...

    The rest are just fancy

    Cheaper ones from companies such as ace tend to fall apart quite quickly

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  • Cheers will order

  • yeah, I will. Right in front of you!

  • They're great, I put mine on on Monday and really wish I'd done it years ago... Can't wait to slain it down the shop...

  • Crabon risers are going straight on the Oak if they don't stay on the Brompton... Back of the queue, the pair of ya!!

  • Does anyone have experience taking a pre 2016 Brompton from 3 to 6 speed using the chain tensioner, how simple is this to add to a bike built as an M3L?

  • New shifter, tensioner, cable, chain, sprockets,wheel, anchorage, DR, done.

  • I have decided that I need a Brompton and accepted that it will cost me. BUT the colours (the most important consideration, obviously) are all hideous - is it possible to get a custom colour? Best to buy all frame components and have them sprayed, then pay someone to put the bike together?

  • Raw lacquer or purple sparkle.

    Grey sparkle coming soon.

  • My biggest regret is getting boring navy. Get something stupid and fun

  • Yes you can get custom paint, you cannot buy frame parts off the shelf, they have to be fitted to a bike or second hand. Best bet is buy a full bike. Some shops offer paint via themselves and will offset upgrade costs, buying back removed parts.

    So you don’t pay full price to add components, meaning a sweet custom build doesn’t cost the earth.

    Pm for details.

    Go custom, stock is boring.

  • I want green glitter or iridescent red.

  • As new Brompton rolltop bag with all mounting hardware spam­99/#comment14869517

  • Finally cleaned mine and put on heli tape at the cable rub points/old inner tube where the front wheel hooks in the fold. It's been a crap summer of cycling for me, so Brommie commuting and utility miles have been most of what I've done, but on a smiles per mile basis it's still probably my number one bike.

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  • I cleaned my Brompton recently and discovered this. A couple of minutes with a file, and I now have an uncomfortable but serviceable Brompton 15-tooth sprocket bottle opener.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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