Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • I have done this. And cinemas.

  • Might depend on the theatre. The Prince Edward says:

    We strongly advise that you do not bring large bags to the theatre. Cloakroom facilities are available for coats and umbrellas, but we are unable to accept large bags and luggage.

  • Large bags are not small folded bikes

  • Well, it's going to be a whole new world for me, but while the challenge is accepted, I'm still going to have a lock with me...

    Any ideas on the frame mounting thing? Bordo and lite lock sound like the best in terms of convenience (and ease of fixing to the frame), with the Abus Granite coming in as the most secure.

    Interesting lock destruction challenge info here. Summary of data here:

    Thanks all for the comments.

  • and laka insurance; use this link:

  • Bordo and lite lock

    Abus Bordo and Lite Lock have known weaknesses (easy to find) which mean can be cracked in seconds. Good D-Lock all day long and not leaving the Brompton longer than 5 minutes for me or you will lose it.

  • If I want to fit mid rise kuosac bars to an S-type, do I need to replace the cables with M cables?

    Also, will the tan wall schwalbe one tyres disappear from the shelves in a week?

  • Yes stock m type cables, unless your using a rack with large easy wheels you need to trim 30/40mm off the bars.

    I bet they are gone by Wednesday

  • Anyone need a stock Brompton saddle that is practically new and unused.

    It’s yours for a donation to the forum if you can pick up in Dalston. Send pm if interested

  • @amey will take this

  • cool if @amey needs it then it is his.

  • You've sold me

  • Hmm, I always wondered what a full ti Brompton would weight in at and why Brompton don't offer this. Via another forum > Full ti 5.84kg and i theory I can buy this (illegal) frame on ebay. Anyone care to confess to having brought one and share how it is? The OP on that thread queries how flexy it would be to ride. I'm also curious as to why no aluminium I'm sure there are good technical reasons for both.

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  • top tube is like a noodle... yes its light but titanium properties with no design change? major oversight.

    You can readily buy them on ebay, lots of cash...

    aluminium doesn't have the same properties as steel, it wouldnt be as comfortable, it would not last as well etc etc etc

    Bromptons are designed as commuting bikes.. who commutes on a carbon chainring and 4 spokes per wheel?!

  • It also has no pedals! But the more I carry mine around the more I want to shave a kilo off it. So wonder what part of it could be designed lighter, the 3 speed hub seems a good candidate to trim some weight from. Brompton have a decent enough customer base to warrant getting more of their bits custom made, what about higher spec lightweight steel? Seems to be making a come back in road bikes. My roadie is also aluminium (CAAD) and the most comfy bike I've owned, I appreciate that is as much to do with geom and carbon forks but it feels like Brompton are missing a market opportunity. The Austin ATTO is a nice idea with a terrible fold but shows what can be done.

  • You can ditch the 3-speed hub, and keep it a 3 speed by fitting 3 x sprockets from a 10 speed cassette, in place of the standard 2 speed ones.
    Narrower sprockets y'see.
    The standard 2 speed shifter can be modified to have a third position to click to.
    Or you can fit a friction shifter.
    You also need a 10 speed chain.
    I've had the kit for this conversion sitting on my workbench for months.
    Just haven't got around to fitting it.

  • saving some weight would be good, i'd shave a good chunk off if I removed the Bordo lock from mine

  • take the guards off, use a 3 external on a 2 speed hub, loose the bb, steel headset, use ti forks/triangle, ti post with no pentaclip, light removable pedals, kojak / One tyres, super light front wheel, take off the plastic bash etc etc etc

  • Is there a detailed description of this mod anywhere?

  • I think that Bike-gang may have posted something - I'll have a look.­rGc

  • what do you specifically wish to know?

  • But then you've got the faff of exposed gears and faster wearing parts? If an F1 gearbox can be titanium why not a hub?

  • by my hack maths a standard 3 spd (1.4kg) from 100% ti would be sub 700 g. Even just replacing some of the components could be an easy win, "printed" ti cogs for example. When i get a spare moment I want to make a shared google sheet that gives part, weight, alternate and cost of alternate to see what is most cost efficient thing to swap.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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