Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • What's the actual difference between an S and an H, besides the handlebar and cable length?

    The overall stem height looks to be the same, just with a higher hinge on the H.

    In which case isn't an H better if you want custom bars as you've got more room for the bars in the folded position?

  • Fold point for one.

    Also angle of bend

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  • Angle, folded position, weight, aesthetic, height.

  • So, I am shortly to cross over to the dark side and become a Brompton owner. Apart from having to learn the obvious things like the secret handshakes, I have one burning question...

    Can anyone come with a solid recommendation on how to fix a U lock to a Brompton during riding? Obviously I'll mostly carry it with me but no way am I taking a bike out without a chunky ass mother fucker of a lock. I find these two ideas on 't web. All thoughts, or locations or even specific lock recommendations appreciated. and also

    Thanks in advance.

  • locking a brompton? why? you can carry it anywhere ..

  • Because there will always be those situations where you potentially cannot take it with you. Swimming pool, cinema etc.

  • the only way I have tackled such things is by being utterly shameless .. the drivers get subsidised street space for parking their 2 tonne pieces of shit why cant a place accept a bike the size of a small briefcase ?

    anyway, I use abus bordo on my full sized bike as a 2nd lock, I have seen lots of brompton riders mount it on the top tube.

  • I use a TiGr lock and it goes in the left pocket of my 'C' bag.

    Edited to add - It is never locked up for longer than 5 minutes - literally, just dipping into a shop.

  • At this point I'm thinking of something uber chunky like an Abus granite X plus or a heavy weight kryptonite

  • Hello! Then you shouldn't ride there on a Brompton--they're theft magnets. Don't leave one locked up outside in London (if you are back in London).

  • Neither will help against well-equipped thieves. Take it inside or ride another bike there.

  • I sometimes lock my bike up in relatively safe areas if I'm popping in somewhere quick, particularly if the IT chair is fitted

    I use a Bordo lock on it, it's permanently attached. Also used a cafe style lock on there for a bit of additional inconvenience

  • Hello indeed @Oliver Schick I'm partially back and tending to be in the UK for work for a few months at a time. My old beast is still in store (inaccessible) as I've nowhere to put it day to day. I'm getting fat(ter) and going crazy without a bike hence the Brompton.

    Leaving it outside will always be a last resort, but I want to ensure that I've always got a lock for exactly those eventualities.

  • Yes, a Brompton obviously makes sense. I hope you never have to leave it outside!

    See you at Easts sometime?

  • Very possibly.

  • Excellent.

  • Spotted on the A315 between Olympia and Hammersmith about 5:15 someone on a clear lacquer Brommy with the biggest chainring in the world. Anyone here?

  • So, does this mean that a P stem with S bars is the lowest front end for the aero-inclined rider who is flexible enough?

  • Slam the Brompton son.

  • I'll lock my Brompton up in Oz but wouldn't dream of doing it in London... Take it with you, explain you don't have a lock, easy...

  • Yes, have done multiple conversions, nice and low and keeps it long.

    Harder to get a p stem now though!

  • Don’t leave it.

    It won’t be there upon return. If I had more time I would take the challenge of I can take my Brompton into everywhere in London. There is not a door one cannot pass.

  • I'm not sure I'd fancy my chances at the typical West End theatre

  • Cloakroom? With all the prams and inexplicable massive parcels wrapped in clingfilm...

  • Customer of mine spotted someone angle-grinding the lock off her Brompton outside an office in Homerton at 11:30am a few weeks back. She managed to scare him off before he got through it.

    I wouldn’t dream of leaving mine outside anywhere in London for more than 10-15 minutes.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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