Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Thanks - may PM you about this once they’ve given me a better breakdown of the costs...

  • New demo bike should be finished up next week!

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  • Is a 2speed disk Brompton possible? I’m not a fan of the weight of my S6L, but also would quite like disks for the wet and grime on London...

  • Yes it is possible, just use a normal mountain bike disc hub, just use twosprockets, so you may as well use more frankly, Sturmey archer three speed disc could be cool but not too light

  • Cool, currently got five black, two white, one grey, one purple metallic, can obviously just get anything custom paint though

  • Glad you're OK, not glad about the hit-and-run and bike damage.

  • How easy is it to service the rear wheel on a Brompton? I think there is literally no grease in my bearings anymore more as when I roll downhill there seems to a lot of rubbing noise when coasting. I’ve checked all the components and conclusion is the hub itself.

  • Common things are brake or mudguard rub, if it’s bearings then it’s easy to service, refer to link below for bearing spec­/07/notes.html?m=1

  • I thought of this initially and checked the rear wheel is there was any sort of rubbing, but this grinding noise is only noticeable when I am coasting hence the rear wheel hub would where the issue is (I hope)

  • Thanks. Would this also need a new shifter/derailleur or is it possible to get the original 2speed Brompton shifter/assembly to work?

  • Using a replacement rear frame means no fittings for the stock The radio, so yes you need a new shifter and the derailleur as used on a normal bicycle.

  • Want to buy a ridiculously overpriced Brompton?

    Ha, clearly buys them from the shop and just wangs the straight on eBay!

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  • I'm flying to London with my bike this week, which will be hilarious, I've barely ridden since I started driving at Christmas... Anyway... I've only got the soft bag, any tips for safe transit... Clampy bits will come off, cardboard? My rack stays got bent on the last trip... 🙄

  • I wouldn’t be overly keen on transporting mine on a flight without a hard case, tbh. Just make sure the value of the bike is clearly noted and your insurance will cover any damage.

  • I've put lots of cardboard in, feels solid enough, let's see how we go... I'm insured up to the eyeballs, if it all goes tits up they can buy me a new one...

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  • let me know your experience, I am thinking of taking mine to India in Jan .. this guy is mad tho:­g-w&t=239s

  • I've already flown with it a few times, looking forward to taking it down to Sydney and Melbourne for a visit... Especially Melbz, there are quite a few OG LFGSSers down there, one or two on Bromptons as well...

  • Brought mine home to Malaysia in a Dimpa bag, all fine!

  • I usually put a graphic of a bicycle with the word fragile on the outside of my bike bag so the handlers know to be a bit more careful.

    Sort of:


  • For all of your skidding and sharp braking needs after climbing a mountain...

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  • I've flown with this soft bag and not had any issues:

    I use a bit of bubble wrap around a few of the protruding bits and pad out with clothes but in the main the way the Brompton folds protects most of the delicate stuff.

  • Got a polished silver SONXS hub / wheel to move on, used but working, £180 RRP hub (­idt-son-xs-dynamo-front-hub-for-brompton­-silver-28-hole/)

    £125 hub posted or £140 wheel.

  • I am thinking of taking mine to India in Jan .

    You're screwed. Can I have your Brompton after your inevitable road moider?

  • Im considering a brompton again.

    Is the 2, 3 or 6 speed considered any better/ worse for any reason (reliability, weight)?

    What differences does the lightweight version have over stock?

    What models come with ti rear triangle as standard?

    Anything else i should consider?

    I know i want the flat bar version. It will be used for london commuting and possibly some 1hr+ commuting runs from outsidenof london. I will be taking it on and off the train too.

  • 2 speed is enough for 'cyclists' .. lightest too, easy to increase/decrease gear ratio with changing chainring

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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