Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • nice. Well, can you ask him for an unfolded pic then?


  • Certainly

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  • 👍 thanks

  • Woah. Hang on. Can I just rebuild my wheels to 18" and put knobblies on? What ab out clearance? Do the brakes still work, or do you have to switch to discs?

  • Yep, disc only

  • disc only, you need new fork / triangle for 18"

    for 305mm with big apples its also disc

  • Shame the rims are with braking surface. Would have gone silver rims or powdercoated the rims black.

  • Rohloff orange/black!

    This is due to be used by Rohloff for display at a show then sold by sjs later as ex demo if anyone’s interested..

    We also have a demo rohloff Brompton if you want to try!

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  • What kind of price do they come in compared to a normal Brompton?

  • For a noob how do you decode the £500 price diff between a B75 and an M6L?

  • Rohloff disc with trp spyres is £2795

    Rim brake doesn’t need a new fork or front wheel unless you want the rims to match so drops down a fair chunk

  • B75 is £745;

    No guards
    Old stem and bars - very flexy bars!
    Old brake levers - spongey brakes
    Old brakes - functionally good but 10mm hex clamp and not black..
    Cheaper saddle and clamp
    Cheaper grips and pedals

    M6l is £1080

    6 gears not 3 / its costly to change after purchase
    New stem/bar style
    Integrated and ergonomic shifters
    Folding pedal
    Guards = life

    @bodz and I went and did a B75 custom ... nearly black edition b75 but 6 speed, for £1000.

    It’s costly to upgrade the b75. Adding guards is £65, that’s about the cheapest.

    Sjs offer the sjsc3

    M3e £799, or £849 with guards.

    New style everything but flat pedals, budget tyres and saddle and clamp. 3 speed sjsc wheelset (sealed front hub!)
    Any colour any handlebar type..

  • Just finished this for a good friend!

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  • Just been camping with bromptons loaded up.

  • Does anyone want to swap for my 2 speed wheelset black rim/hub/spokes with tannus tyre for something has inner tube....

  • cheap black seatpost and riser too please

  • Need this

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  • just take the tannus tyres off and bin them?

  • Whats the go to replacement rack roller wheels? I've got the tiny rubber ones and they're doing my nut in as they can't really roll....

  • Nice!
    And that's Kew Bridge in the first photo, no sorry, more Richmond Bridge?

    No forget it. None of the two.

  • It's the road between the long water and the serpentine, I'm not even sure it's a bridge.

  • Fun!

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  • nice, these partly answer my could you build a bigger bromtpon question. Where a bigger Brompton is same fold but with with a larger wheel and the benefits that brings. My reason for owning a brompton was lack of secure storage for n+1 and a friend selling his old one if the size crept up a bit it wouldn't be an issue as I'm not commuting it on train etc but nice to have that option when heading out of town due to our stupid bikes on train policy in UK. It looks like I can hack a best of both situation. How does the ride and handling compare to 16" @amey

  • Separate topic, has anyone fitted a sherlock bike gps tracker to their Brompton. It goes inside handle bars and is described as snug fit on a road bike, potentially it could go in the seatpost tube or in frame though they recommend handle bar for best signal. I'm surpirsed Brompton aren't marketing a rip off premium equivalent that fits snuggly in the fold..

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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