Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • Cheers, should have specified an upper limit £ they would be nice if budget was no cosntraint

  • Original equipment

  • Looking for a review on a TI parts bottom bracket if anyone has experiences with them. By my maths it's a saving of 107g at a cost of £100 which is Michael Gove price per gram territory. I need a new crankset and have a 2007 model which I think means I need to replace BB as new crankset won't fit my BB. Is that correct @Rhobbs ?

  • Don't suppose anyone knows what the threading is on a 2-speed rear hub axle? Apart from "non-standard". I can't find out what it actually /is/, which is a bit of a bind as I need to get some Bobnutz for this trailer that I'm trying to attach.

  • Just listed my Automatix Brompton in the classifieds if anyone’s looking for one, fun ride

  • Correct, you can get cheapo ones for £30, don’t, they are cheese!

    Ti parts are high quality and have fitted many with only issues being the rider over 100kg and getting a few creaks, - except one 65kg female rider but that was fixed with new bearings

  • Can’t think top of my head, I’ll check when I get to work tomorrow

  • Better off getting an Ultegra HT2 or similar

  • Because it’s heavier?

  • It’s lighter but not a like for like comparison, as you’ll either need an adaptor or have to use different crankset. If someone’s gone this route and it works then keen to know. My commute involves 5 flights of stairs each way so the grams add up

  • I've fitted an Alfine BB and crankset to mine, I had to shift the chainring to the other side of the spider to maintain the chainline. Although it looks better, the Shimano arrangement is heavier than the original Brompton one.

  • when I weighed 7900 and HTII bb in comparison to Brompton cranks and sq taper, there was no diff .. so the lightest approach is brompton cranks and a lighter BB ..

  • If someone’s gone this route and it works then keen to know.

    I have obvs.­s2l-38727#photo317242

    The bike might get a bit lighter as I am going to install the JK Carbon mid rise bars, Paul comp brake levers and a standalone 2 speed 'shifter' which is just a MTB shock lockout remote. BUT I am installing SP Dynamo wheel and Supernova light so might be zero sum.

  • Thanks @amey and @JurekB . A useful post here for reference on going down a shimano route­/brompton-m6r-shimano-crankset-and.html But seems like a decision between stiffer cranks or lighter build but you can't have both

  • Brilliant, thank you.

  • you need the MTB (73mm?) BB . and maybe a couple of drive side spacers. Ideal to use something like this as the thread engagement on NDS isn't as much as on a road bike.

  • That's an interesting article @dominijk. I should addd that I faced the BB shell on mine prior to fitting the Shimano bearings to it.

  • they have more?!

    We ordered 99 and 94 arrived..

    covered in tape and gunk etc...

  • More black bits finally on my Brompton, was gonna do it myself but bottled out... Black headset, mudguards and brakes all fitted for less than £45... Happy with that...

    I'll be in London with it next month so looking to get even more murdered out with a black seatpost, old style M bars, pedals and rack stays... I'll get the rack powdercoated over here, found a super cheap place nearby... Let me know if you've got something you wanna shift... Need a new black font wheel too!

  • Anyone know where i can get some hubsmith (brompton) wheels built up.

    OR, profiles?


  • I can get hold of them.. pm me

  • Message me a list...

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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