Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • The alternative to the Brompton rack is really attractive, I wish it was available when I bought my one. That said if you intend to carry stuff with it (something I wanted the possibility of, as well as the improved rolling when folded) the Brompton has the advantage of being longer to the rear. This is important as loading towards the front is an issue if what you carrying is wide, as your heel will kick it when pedaling. With the Brompton rack you can fit the wider stuff to the back, the alternative restrict you too narrow loads only.

  • Yeah, I was thinking of it mainly for stability when loaded and to protect the rear mudguard with the occasional need to strap something to the back, in which case I think the RJT wins.

  • Replacing old ISO Brompton BB with un55 what length do I need? Any ideas @maynardeames @edscoble

  • Hey stop sneaking into my house :D

    Yeah a bit of a cheap collection of Olympus, Nikon, Pentax and Canon film camera (mainly the first two). Plus some 60s (I think) nice piece (like the one you see, Retina 1b)

    The London Cycling Guide was useful, don't think I got it signed though.

  • :D
    Y0u invited me!

  • Need to be careful who I invite in my home. :)

  • What's the recommended chain length for a 58t chainring and 12/16t sprockets?


    £250 start isn’t bad, need some tlc, cabling is wrong and the rear frame needs attention but worth a watch!

  • Did this become a complete bike?

    Would like to see..

  • One of our customers in York had her H6R Lagoon blue/black edition nicked at the weekend - if anyone sees one or these pop up please link me up (not a very common bike).

  • My Brompton needs a full on service; bb/cranks (running old style so all in one) and chain/sprockets (6spd), hub could do with a service + hub gear cable (older torpedo style), plus seatpost sleeve and possibly new seatpost needed. Rear rim is worn so would want some advice but hoping it doesn’t need changing on top of all the “must haves”

    Based in London near Liverpool Street and not sure I really want to hand it over to cyclesurgery in Spitalfields. Brompton Junction the best bet for all this?

    @maynardeames how much would it cost to visit SJS instead!

  • Nice train ride (if that's your thing) to SJS.

    ETA - I reckon BJ in Covent Garden would make most time / cost sense.

  • Email me!

    We can offer to collect the bike?

    Ship you a box of needs be too!

    £25 gets you a collection and return.

    I quote on seeing the bike generally, I’m putting together a rough guide and some specific things like hinges / punctures on the site under Bikes, Bikes, Brompton Bike Servicing

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  • Compton Cycles in Catford is a lot easier to get your bike too than SJS.

  • Is it? Can sit in your pants at home and have your bike serviced at sjs... even have a beer, make it cider for me ;)

    In all seriousness, support your local dealers. I’m honoured if people wish to travel to Somerset or do a collection deal but i would happily see you go elsewhere if you are getting the service etc and paying a fair price.

  • I had my pivot replaced and a service at Bikefix on Lamb's Conduit Street and they seemed fine­cing No idea how they compare on price, I was in a rush so didn't have time to shop around.


  • £60, I’m assuming that includes the £20, I think £40 is warranted considering London to some degree, I’m not going to pick apart pricing, everyone has a different business set up!

  • I was wondering if anybody out there lives near to SJS and would be willing to do me a favour in exchange for Forum donation/Multiple beer tokens/Good will?

  • Thanks! I’ll take a look online and drop you a dm if needed, didn’t realise that was a new option in the website 👍

  • Long weekend in Somerset was quite attractive!

    Realised there is a new Brompton Junction in Westfield Hammersmith, wonder if that would be quicker as it’s new?

  • Thanks, will take a look. Think I’ve cycled past there before as it had been mentioned. Seemed to have lots of “alternative” bikes in the window!

  • Yup, would recommended Bikefix too!

  • So I accidentally bought a Kinetics brompton disc fork from ebay the other week...

    I've ordered a Brompton angle drilled 28h rim, a bunch of spokes and a novatec 28h d791 disc hub.

    I've already got an acor hybrid hydro/cable caliper (same as juin tech) and a spare 160mm rotor.

    I will report back when everything's turned up and I've built myself a Brompton disc wheel...

    Also, someone here is from SJS, aren't they? The black angle-drilled rim has the ERD incorrectly listed as 238mm rather than 328mm. Almost caught me out when ordering spokes!

    PS - if anyone has bleed instructions for one of those calipers or knows what bleed kit I need, that'd be handy, as I think it's seen better days and might need new pistons (which I have in a box somewhere).

    PPS - I bought a set of 175mm dura ace 130bcd cranks and fitted those with an mtb ht2 BB and a few mm of drive side spacers. Now have dura ace drive side and stages PM on the left :)

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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