Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • £2795 for that build, it’s a stock model now.

    Can use a customer bike for conversion for a lot less!

  • Nice, thats Ti forks and rear triangle?

    I'm tempted to convert mine just to have black rims with no braking surface!

  • What is your definition of a bike that is not looked after?

  • That one is a stainless steel triangle and steel fork, from Kinetics.

    Can also do titanium from Vostok!

    It doesn’t improve the look so much!

  • No regular cleaning, use in all weathers without drying etc

    The older ones had a breather hole and no internal ED coating so by nature a little more prone

  • Damn! Just lost one of my EazyWheels! :/ if you happen to ride on City Road from Old St station down to Cannon St, keep an eye open :)

  • What type are they?

    I have loads of the stock ones spare..

  • This one. Can't recall the exact model, can check in the emails.
    Got them from BIKEGang and they call them:

    Design Pattern 7075 Aluminum CNC EZwheels with Bearing

    Found them:!/5-Spokes-7­075-Aluminum-CNC-EZwheels-with-Bearing/p­/70201138

    If you don't have it, I'll order a new set @maynardeames

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  • None of those sorry!

    Speak to Paul Chui/Hughes lu on FB, tell Him you lost one he may help out!

  • TPW 3 speed shifter and titanium telescopic posts in stock at sjs now! Can’t remember who asked about the 3 shifter!

  • Paul Chui/Hughes

    Thanks. Didn't realize he lives here in the UK.
    Sent him a message.

    It's Paul Chiu btw.

  • That’s the one, sorry!

  • No need ;) thanks for the hint!

  • Wondered as mine one was serviced by brompton every year by its owner, and only did home and station then station and work. Was always stored inside too.

  • buy the new style, comes with new style hook, done.

    Quick question if you don't mind being harassed yet another time!

    Just installed the new style front mudguard stay, but couldn't fit the tab washer because the 1992 forks aren't drilled to receive the little tooth. Sufficiently equipped to drill to suit at home, but wondered if this was usually done.

    Unfortunately the hook doesn't lift the front wheel enough, it still drags on floor when folded (addition of the tab washer wouldn't make a difference either sadly)... Is it because I'm running the infamous marathons plus? I don't fancy too much bigger roller wheels on the rear rack/frame, I've seen it done i don't like the look of it, and I presume I'd constantly kick it when pedaling?

  • How wide is too wide?

    700mm is almost

    Just hit the floor when folded, put the bigger rollers on that you get on an electric which keeps it stable.

    Don’t like wanky ez wheels.

    Rides fucking great, climbing is so much easier can properly get out of the saddle. Looks a bit ridiculous but meh.

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  • Proper job. I’m on 580, miss my wider ones!

  • May be a bit longer brake cables? They look tense.

  • They’re M cables, pretty much perfect length.

  • Agreed, look fine!

  • Time to sell these.

    Japanese import, Uk distributor had no care about getting me some / even after my offer to stock them!

    Over £100 new, plus the faff yo get them in the Uk.

    Hardly used, work with shimano spd. Will Include the brand new mks cleats.

    £65 posted, £55 if @amey sends my parcel ;)

    • I did upload to Facebook selling group earlier at £75, will remove from there.

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  • That would be me. Off to the SJS website...

  • Sweet, I don’t think photog managed to get the photos sorted but will be in the next few days if you are fussed!

  • Just cut off the tab!

    If you want to roll the bike, fit a rack - use an RJT One of sjs for &40 with decent sized wheels

  • ok, the right hand one (driver's view) seemed almost tensed in one of the pics.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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