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  • Why Sir, a man of such literary talents is wasted on this forum, may I direct you here:
    where posts such as the above will be applauded for their elegance of construct and forward-thinking approach to contemporary prose.

    Presumably, you meant 'elegance of construction'? ;)

  • Jesus, Mary and Mohammed, what a tragic thread...

  • On the CTC forum ROGERZILLA wants to know how to respray His Brompton frame.

    Bromptons are like shagging fat women.

    fun ride but don't let your mates find out

    Oh how very DARE you.

    My trusty Brompton is my favourite of all my bikes.

    And it's not even chubby.

  • yeah.. black icing what the fuck kind of an idea is that.. its on par with crumble

    I don't like bromptons but i am going to defend them and join in mobstyle on the thread opener because my next bike is one of these

    You and me both, Brompton are lovely machine, but the 16inch wheel is the biggest compromise.

    Once you get an 20" wheel shopper (or 24"), removed everything, add coaster brake, they're a shedload more fun to ride.

  • Ed, stop in the shop sometime and chat with Mog about Moulton' might even get to ride his fixed one. It's sweet.

  • I think I didn't emphasised how much I love the Brompton, what i was tying to says is the disadvantage of the 16" wheel size, Brompton have managed to make the bike handle reasonable decent.

    need to start thinking more before I press 'quickie'.

  • On the CTC forum ROGERZILLA wants to know how to respray His Brompton frame.

    Bromptons are like shagging fat women.

    fun ride but don't let your mates find out

    Strange how I can take an instant dislike to someone.

    Any arsehole who is so ashamed of having sex with someone, either should

    A) Not care what friends think, and just do their own thing; or
    B) Simply choose a partner that you would respect, before and after having sex with them.

    Although, some are so incredibly shallow, that this is an impossibility.

    And now, back to your regular scheduled programming.

  • Nope, Bromptons dump you at every pothole, where as women tend to be more accommodating ......

    I know there's a FTFY in the above, I just can't put my finger on it.

  • I'm entered into the Brompton world championships in October. I think they're great, I look ridiculous riding one mind..

    Everyone looks a little ridiculous riding one - part of the charm. I, apparently, look like Mary Poppins on mine.

    You riding the Smithfield Nocturne?

  • I'd very much like one, they look fun.

  • what, a fat bird or a brompton?

  • that fat bird language. that's not really me.

  • The last time I had sex with a fat woman, it can only be discribed as " A riotous throng, jubilant in the very ecstacy of extragavant emotion. and I only ride a brompton in the country. Sorry GA2G, I didn't mean to despoil your fantasy.

  • Would people stop degrading women now please?

    EDIT: Worrywort, would you stop degrading women now please.

  • When would b a god time to start discussing moulton colours?

  • Mate of mine drives a truck oop north, his Brompton fits in the passenger foot well. He's taken it on excursions all over the country. Drives wherever, parks up for the night, gets the bike out, toddles off into the hill/valleys/glens for a few hours, comes back and kips in his sleeper cab (murdered prostitute optional).

  • Rogerzilla and I are teammates on the Brompton World Championships race. He built me a sooper SEEKRIT hub for racing and is a very lovely chap.

    Oh - and just for the record, I'm a sturdy girl and would cheerfully kick the OP's arse for him.

  • You've all got it wrong.

    Fashionista fixie == penis extension for Hoxton twats.

    Brompton == to ride something that silly, as the Happy Mondays sang, I may be a honky but I'm hung like a donkey.


  • And the idiocy of all of this is complete.

    Can someone close this shite thread now?

  • My work here is done.

  • I am baffled at this thread

    so we now trawl other bike sites and mock individuals for riding bromptons and wanting to respray their bike

    considering some of the people I know who have raced foldings bikes at the nocturnes and done so exceedingly quickly I am wondering if the op has been out ridden by a fat bird on a brompton and was embarassed to tell his mates about it

  • a bit gay though, aren't they?

  • When I first started riding I was a total bike snob and hated Bromptons and anyone who rode one. Now that I'm older and wiser(!) I admire the engineering, and the pace they can pick up. Plus I've a friend whose Dad is a shareholder - I'm very tempted to add a Bromp to the stable so long as I can feneagle a hefty discount!

  • When I see a Brompton I just want to break it in a half and chuck in the boot of my car! That would show 'em.

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Brompton owners

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