Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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  • I miss walking a bike when I'm in the city...


  • You know what, I'm being an idiot... I'm just gonna take my bike bag!

    Easy win...

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  • In that case also get some bungie cords to reduce flappage.

  • You visiting or coming back for realzies?

  • Just five days, babez... 😭

  • Anyway, aren't you in the still in the land of sexy freedom?

  • Canceled weekend out of London, I was finally able to pimp my Brompton... The whole excuse was that brake cables and outers were super old, the age of the bike, were a bit stiff, but if going into the trouble of changing that (bike was still working fine), I also wanted to upgrade to the new levers, new Sturmey Archer shifter, and why not bars with more rise... Previous ones were too "lo-bro", not uncomfortable, but looked too out of proportion for a Brompton, and a bit restrictive when front touring bag fully/excessively loaded. Shinny Tiogas MTB bars, discounted from eBay... And, ultimate profanity, Oury grips! Also put a lighter saddle I had in lieu of leather Grand Comp... Fairly happy how it all turned up.
    Now I want to fine a nice bell, with nice fixings, something clever...

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  • .

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  • I've recently put on the same bars to drop from H type. Lovely and wide and the rise is a good compromise. I left mine uncut did you?

  • Removed 65mm each end, but considered doing like you...

  • I'm pretty lucky as most of my riding or commuting is rural and the roads into Manchester are pretty wide so narrow bars aren't necessary. The wide bars and bar ends (that's right bar ends on riders, it's all good, we cool?) help stave off hand pain / pins needles.

  • good look.

    have you checked the torque on your block retaining screws, as per @fred suggestion?

  • How come you got those brake pads on?

  • They came with the Brompton when I got it in 2007...!
    Bike was ridden since, I don't remember changing them (but I could be wrong) in all kind of shitty weather, never had a problem... What's wrong with them?

  • I carefully installed the block when swapping frame... I think it's fine. Could be a good occasion to try my tork wrench...
    Changing the front end of frame for that seems a bit extreme if only the threads are fucked. A good frame builder could remove the plate and re braze a new one... But maybe once you include powder coating and all, maybe you get very quickly to £200..?

  • This is the best bell in the world:­-bicycle-bell

    No cheap, but worth it. I got one from the original kickstarter, but they sell them at Tokyo Bikes, BLB etc.

  • Somewhat worried that the Brompton I was forced to leave in the work lockup for two weeks due to injury/travelling may have been suffering from all the rain... I left it in a covered bit, but am guessing someone will have moved it.

  • Thanks, black mudguards are tempting but I'll stop throwing money on it for now... Current mudguards are fine...
    Folds perfectly with these bars. Pretty sure most bars would work (apart from the obvious, drops, etc...), it's more about rotation of gear and brakes levers, and the new brake levers model make things easier...

  • Ha! They've totally ripped the design off, an exact copy! I'll wager that the quality is nowhere near as good though, and that the ring is crap in comparison.

  • I'll counter-wager that the expensive model is not 4 times better either.

  • The original is too pricey, and the far East made rip off doesn't feel right...
    Really lovely design though...

    Edit... Had not seen @tallsam 's answer...

  • I'm considering one of these as a sort of halfway house....­-bell.html

  • Ed! What's wrong with my brake pads.
    What do you recommend. I'd love red ones, I think it would look good here.

  • You're going to spend £20 on a bell?!

  • I doubt it, just spotted it when looking around.

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Brompton owners (was: Brompton rider outed)

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