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  • I would avoid the A line & go straight for P, or even T line.
    I had a B75 which turned into veritable money pit; no matter. what I replaced I couldn't get it "right"!

  • just got this in email

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  • Brompfication.

  • What were they thinking with those helmets?

  • Bonkers! Thought we have a sweet trade deal with Singapore?

  • Why do you think SP people come over to the UK and buy their bikes over here?

    Also they also know they can charge a lot over there with most people who uses their car allowance on bikes anyways.

  • Supposed to be tongue in cheek ;)

    I've sold quite a few, they took the boxes too, craziest one was 3 at one go!

  • Go for the T-Line

  • @amey

    Thank you. The Brompfication looks to have the lip too. Titanium then. Not the alloy Minimods?

  • I’m not sure I’m ready for a £5,000 Brompton

  • Why not buy one of the local ones with disc brakes and all the bling?

  • Definitely not worth it - go for P-line for bang for buck and no creaking issues like you get with the T-line.

  • Nah either go Jtek/BF Ti or stick with brompton's own steel post.

    While you do this, check the sleeve as well.

  • 3 speed replacement. DT Swiss. Not done it myself but have seen it in a couple of video upgrades.

    This might be an option for you @may­2qA

    and if you want to watch some DT Swiss types chat about it (rep for his glasses)­Lww

  • Thank you. I'm not sure I like the incorporated saddle bracket but I can see that it would shave some grams.

    The seat post sleeve is what started the overhaul direction, done by Ben at Kinetics actually. He sold me some replacement brakes, mudguards, chain tensioner, ... changing over to black. I'd just gotten used to how noisy it'd become. The P Line wheels, clamps, and roller wheels are nicer than the usual Brompton fare, so they might be next.

  • Do I need to have different washers to fit the brompton cateye bracket to the front brake position? If so, anyone got any spares?


  • Brompton junction should have a few spares.

  • Ouch! inflation is rough, brought mine it was 3.75k

  • Ouch! inflation is rough, brought mine it was 3.75k

    This is going straight to Golf Club

  • will chase them, thanks

  • Just after I got my T-Line, I went to the Brompton shop in Covent Garden and asked to buy some spare inner tubes. They recommended that I didn't buy Tubilitos and not long afterwards, I realised why. It turns out, however, that the tubes they sold me might be more puncture resilient than Tubilitos but they are not Presta valved and so a pleasant couple of hours spent seaching for Presta valved Brompton inner tubes took me to a few local bike shops.

    Got there in the end.

    Anyway, I now have plenty of spare inner tubes for my C-Line.

  • Ouch! inflation is rough, brought mine it was 3.75k

    Yes. That was the price last summer when i bought my C-Line. I entered the ballot for a T-Line and was told that the price would be kept the same. My lack of success in the ballot cost me £650.

  • This is a bad combo with tyres and inner tube which I changed right away. The tyres are the worst tbh.

    The inner tubes are great but only for racing or hill climbing, if you do like them them keep using them but on different tyres.

  • Anyone used the Brompton Restrap bag? Worth it or not?

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Brompton owners

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