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  • Official link won’t be live till next month.

  • I don’t like not to spread negative vibes but this happened to me this evening and needed to share and needs people’s attention.

    I wanted to get fitter this year and decided to ride the long way home - when I got to the excel centre there was a scooter with two mask people riding in the opposite direction. However once they noticed I was on a Brompton and I was on my own they attacked me…

    They stole my GoPro which was on top on my helmet (this was a deterrent to stop this stuff from happen and to protect myself road users - did Jack shit tonight) I guess if they want something they will go to no end to get what they want.

    Luckily a car and van came to my help and they rode off before anything worst might have happened this evening.

    In hinge sight I should have taken the DLR home but I decided it was a good idea to ride home slowly. But on the way back to UEL I saw them again riding on the pedestrian pathway. Luckily they didn’t see me but at this moment in time I am still in a state of shock.

    Please be careful out there people on or off the bike. There are some people out there who doesn’t care if you live or die as long they get what they want in their life.

  • Really sorry to hear this has happened to you. Thank you for sharing and giving others a heads up. Sounds like you had a narrow escape, no doubt you will be suffering shock at the moment. It's difficult to defend against situations like this in London at least you have survived unharmed.

  • Live to tell the tail.

    But yeah just be vigilant I guess.

  • It's something that can always happen. Certainly reminded me that it's still happening and to take care. Beyond that it's just bad luck that your paths crossed.

  • Sorry to hear that, sounds like it could have been a lot worse but absolutely horrendous and awful for you to go through... all the best to you, and hope you're not too disuaded from this thing of ours!

  • Really sorry to read this has happened to you, Hoke. Good on those in the car and van for intervening. Look after yourself, I am sure the shock will take time to pass.

  • Sorry to hear what’s happened, thanks for helping others by sharing.

    I’ve been there, and I know how shocking it may be. It sounds like you had good presence of mind in the moment and didn’t escalate a dangerous encounter, so good on you. Glad you’re physically unharmed, make sure to take it easy while you process the experience. If you’d like to speak with trained responders, Victim Support are a helpful charity that do what their name says.

  • Sorry to read of this Ho.
    As others have said, it sounds like it could've been much worse - that is in no way to diminish how you are feeling about it. You take care.

  • Sorry that this had to happen to you HoKe, its a rubbish experience having had something similar myself. take care

  • Incoming!

  • Oh this was yours?!

  • Very noice. How many gears? Is it Alfine?

  • 3 speed sturmey archer 🇬🇧

  • Awesome. I take it that required a custom fork and triangle for the disc brakes?

  • yep they are from Kinetics, @bromptonautie yep thats the hub

  • Love the colour scheme.

  • face palm

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  • I've got a spare HPR pump (belonged to my first Brompton which was nicked). Don't think it's ever been used, it's in perfect condition. Free to a good home in exchange for a donation to the forum. I can post it.

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  • That would be very useful. PM incoming.

  • I took the short cut today. It may have been shorter, but it took much much longer 😊

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  • you need the slack in the dynamo cable because it can easily snap otherwise ... no? is there another way to do it?

  • does anyone have a black mid-rise joseph kuosac handlebar going spare?

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Brompton owners

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