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  • Springs are after market add on. They don't fit the older hinge type found on short wheelbase bikes.

    Fwiw though, I don't have the springs on the one of mine which could take them and don't really find them neccesary, my clamps don't seem to get 'jammed' though so maybe something else is wrong?

    Wait, do you mean that you(r partner) undoes the knob and the clamp bit doesn't release? The springs are meant to stop the clamp rotating to save you like 0.0001seconds when unfolding the bike, not to push the clamp off the frame.

    The clamp in the pic looks a bit marred up on the inside, I'd be tempted to remove it and clean it all up and have a look at the faces it presses into to see how they look. Maybe some excess paint or a burr or something?

  • Wait, do you mean that you(r partner) undoes the knob and the clamp bit doesn't release?


    I’ll have a look at the inner surfaces of the clamp and see if I can smooth them off a bit.

  • There's a diagram somewhere showing where (on the frame/stem) the clamp should and should not contact, I think overuse can spread the clamp a bit causing it to hit the wrong bits (though I have an ancient swb bike and the clamps on it are fine so...?) so would be worth checking that while you're at it.

  • Here it is.

  • There's a 3D printed polymer spring which is pretty good to keep the clamp in line.

    Edit: Link
    I've bought from him before for the Brompton I gifted to my mom and it works a charm. Should really get some for the other 2 Bromptons.

  • Nope! None of them do!

  • Bit grim.

    I was tailed back to my flat while on my Brompton yesterday.

    Rode home and saw 4 teens on rented e-bikes heading the other direction. While I dismounted and was taking my keys out I noticed a couple of them doubled back and were changing lanes approaching me.

    Turned around and faced them, heard a mutter of something something Brompton from one of them and they buggered off.

  • You take it easy!

  • Thanks, the clearance is probably borderline according to those diagrams and the inside surface is a bit chewed up, so will order a replacement plate.

  • Are there any limitations other than wheels to making the Brompton electric lighter?

  • The wheels can be made lighter no trouble.. but other wise I would be doing a ti triangle, conti tyres, ti seatpost with integrated clamp, headset, pedals and then a full ti bolt kit

  • Looks great, but why do all the bikes on that account only have a front brake? They seem to have gears rather than be fixed / coaster, so are they just living dangerously for aesthetics or am I missing something?!

  • I hadn't even noticed that. Yes I think aesthetics and weight over safety/practicality

  • Hi everyone. Newbie Brompton question: are there any no-go or best avoided areas in London to ride a Brompton alone in?


  • Avoid motorways

  • If only I could maintain motorway speeds on a Brompton, or on any bike! :)

    To rephrase the query: are there specific areas where I am more likely to be mugged for my Brompton? If so, which, please? I have seen Hackney and Walthamstow mentioned, but is it specific sections or basically the whole area?

  • Defo parks at dusk or in the darkness. Other than that just be alert.

  • As above - Hackney refers to (mostly) parks, Walthamstow - the Lea Valley river / canal paths.

  • They ride around slowly for show..

  • Not a fan of Bromptons without mudguards!

  • Is anyone using the Cateye Amp 800 on the standard Brompton bracket - the pressed steel one? If so has it been OK? It feels like quite a heavy light for the bracket to me, but I ain’t no engineer.

  • CE volt 1200 here.. been fine for donkeys

  • Using Cateye 1700 from my side.

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Brompton owners

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