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  • what is it?

  • As fast if not faster; better grip, 3mm wider, more puncture proof etc

    My favourite tyres atm

  • New Brompton Barbour limited edition; aka a custom paint and a bag or two

  • Anyone after a 2 speed wheelset?

    Got a set of those NYC edition hubs in green, thinking of building onto all black minimods rims..

  • Favourite here as well!
    Ride can be a bit harsh & unforgiving though depending on road surface, imo.

  • A question if I may.

    We went away for a weekend using my wife’s car. I popped my new Brompton in the boot.

    When we got home I took my folded Brompton into the house and next day unfolded it.

    This plastic bit dropped out. I can’t find anywhere on the Brompton that it might fit and suspect that it might simply have got lodged in the bike somewhere. Could anyone tell me if it is a Brompton component and if so what or, hopefully, it is something altogether unrelated. I have ridden the bike a few times since and nothing seems to be missing.

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  • Hey Clive,

    This is the bun that goes at the bottom of your seatpost. Basically it is there to stop the seatpost getting damaged when you fold it away where you release the seatpost hinge and the seatpost bounces to the ground.

  • Ho, thank you!!!

  • Friend of mine has an issue where the new style 3 speed shifter doesn't shift to lower gears unless you over extend the lever.

    Other forums and YT videos say this is a design flaw whereby the shifter expands at hot temperatures, like direct sunlight, and is fixed by filling down and/or sanding parts inside the shifter.

    Is this correct?


  • Seems to be two issues; does the lever stick when you are trying to change with a thumb push down?

    Assuming the cable tension is correct, a shifter spring upgrade solves most things..

    Got a load due early next week

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  • It's exactly as the the guy demos in the Malaysian video, the lever reaches the end of the range of motion before it can shift gear. You need to press it further than the range of motion to shift gear.

    I got a new cable tension adjuster and installed it for her which allowed me to set the tension correctly (according to the brompton video), but the issue is the same.

    Does the spring upgrade reduce the range of motion needed? That would work.

  • okay okay okay, this is issue #2; the spring will improve but may not solve this as the lever is actually moving back okay; you can spend ages faffing or just replace the shifter tbh

  • Hi all
    I am still after some tan wall tyres for a Brompton if anyone has any to sell,

  • Can offer you some brand new marathon racers?

  • Glue it in with rubberized super glue; I lost two,or three before I did this.

  • Pre 2017 shifter is more reliable, just doesn't look as nice!

  • Hopefully getting my B75 back from family member I loaned to this weekend so no longer need this 2016 single speed. I paid £550 for it in May and spent £100 on a service and ancillaries at Brompton dealer in Oxford. Would like to get the £550 back.

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  • Dibs; are you in Oxford? Got a friend who could pick up

  • Just outside in Abingdon.

  • He’s at didcot, seems like fate. I’ll message ya

  • Think we'll do that. Why do hub shifters only sell with an integrated brake lever?

    She's already got a lever, just want the shifter!

  • I often have shifters in stock, just not currently!

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Brompton owners

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