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  • @Crop
    Are you one of the 2 that isn't?

    That might be lost on a new page.

  • Nope.
    Still waiting on a few parts. Pretty happy with it though I have had to warranty a shifter, BB, LH pedal and front wheel all within the first few months and with not shed loads of use.
    Just waiting on a rear triangle and sl front wheel.

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  • Thought about mid rise bars? Wider =

  • Mid rise bars? As in M type?
    It's an M6L

  • Brompton have really fucked their new naming system, complete bollocks.

    Mid rise bars from Joseph Kuosac, 30mm lower but 80mm wider

  • Wow, this looks A*

    Do you have a list of parts, which model this is and which bits are/aren’t stock?

  • looks completely stock except the tyres, tubes and fork?

    ti fork, painted black
    Schwalbe One tyres
    tubilitio tubes

  • I believe also run flats too within between tube and tyre.

  • Would anyone be interested in a 600mm titanium seatpost for Brompton, £45 posted? I ordered one from China and they sent two. The one I am using seems fine.

    Will post this to classifieds if it's deemed inappropriate here.

  • I swapped my saddle for a much lighter one but it's also much lower profile and it made the already slightly too short seatpost wayyy too the look of it though, you have a bit of room for manoeuvre in your seatpost anyway. In terms of dropping weight from the bike, I've cut at least 500g by replacing the stock steel seatpost with titanium, replacing the saddle with something half the weight and removing the mudguards, but in use the weight saving feels negligible. They are still pretty heavy, awkward things to lug about whether at 11kg or 11.5kg!

  • I fancy the kuosac style knobs for my frame clamps - anyone got any tips for alternatives that aren’t stupid money ?

  • This is what I am doing with the upgrade to my CHPT3, hopefully making it around 9kg will make it more fun and agile to ride around town.

  • Tempting, do you have a link to the original listing so I can check specs?

  • Any recommendations on the rear suspension spring? Currently eyeing up either a Matumura Scrowave or a Kuosac Extra Firm. Wondering if there’s something else out there I’ve not considered. (For a heavier rider of 90+)

  • They are legit the best "levers", so fast and smooth. I can hook you up with a set; I otherwise have a set of random wheels I found in my shed I use ; will add photo in a sec

  • anyone looking to go 2 - 3 speed external, i got some stuff to sell for that!

    MiniMODs shifter upgrade kit - £19 / £15
    MiniMODs unibody 3 speed sprocket kit - £57 / £45
    fits 1/2 and 6 speed hubs.
    MiniMODs Idler wheels for 2/6 tensioner - with longer bolts for 3/4 speed! £74 / £60

    all brand new packaged

  • Assume to change my single speed to 3 speed also requires cables, outer and shifter?

  • Yes sir, and a tensioner!

    I have shifters and can provide a cable if you want a kit?

  • I wouldn't hold your breath regarding the handling.
    A couple of kg less to shoulder is always welcome.

  • Just got a 2 speed Brompton and the 54T. Chainring is a bit big for me for pootling around. Does anyone have a smaller one up for sale? Or if not can anyone recommend a decent compatible chainring?

    I’m thinking around 44-48T. Unless that might be too far the other way…


  • Most normally drop to 50t as thats what Brompton offer, thought about making it a 3 speed with external sprockets?

  • Cool, what would be the cost for all the necessary bits be?

    I'm weighing up that option against selling the 1x and buying a replacement 2x

  • Noticed this today, the bike is nicely dialled in, but compared to the t-line it is definitely not as agile or responsive. Bike is now down to 8kg now which considering with the standard Brompton pedals I’ll take it easily.

  • That's pretty impressive, Ho.

  • Will try to take some sexy pics later this weekend to show off the final product.

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Brompton owners

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