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  • Sorry, to clarify my post what the make/brand of these revit caps?

  • thanks, got some & fitted last night, first impressions seem good!

  • What's the best alternative to the Brompton carrier block?
    Weight and looks. Thinking I may occasionally want to slap a bag on the front through summer.

  • restrap bar bags? lol

    could use a Fahrer Front Rack, though the carrier block has been designed in such a way it just works.

  • Performance wise, none.

    The OE one sits against the frame not just using the bolts, it’s infinitely stronger than the aftermarket ones.

    There’s a few out there but they are mostly the same design

  • cant decide whether to keep the saddle or get rid. its comfy but ugly af

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  • I've never kept the stock saddle on any of my Bromptons; usually swap for Brookes or Jo Kuosac.

  • I 'll second the Kuosac saddle. I found it so comfortable that I immediately bought another one to put on my (Pompino) commuter.

  • keep the stock saddle if its comfy, no point having a bike with uncomfortable saddle

  • Look so good without the stickers..

  • Took the stock saddle off and replaced it with a San Marco concor light, which was about half the weight.
    Wouldn’t go back.

  • In need of 3 seatclamps/clips, black pentaclip x1, silver pentaclip x2 if anyones got something

  • We've got em in stock, pm if you want them.

  • anyone need a stock 50T chainring/crank from a 2012 model? 3 nice beers and it's yours. collection crystal palace.

  • Anyone got a raw Brompton they would want to swap for a black 2 spd from 2020 upgraded with titanium parts, kojak’s etc? Love it but fancy a change to raw colour way…

  • Got stock of the new Continental dark tan tyres if anyone’s after a pair!

  • Literally brought these from Brompton Junction last week when it first arrived in the shop and currently being installed on my CHPT3.


    The colours and apparently 50grams lighter than the original ones.


    The QC on these product has been so bad lately it's beyond a joke. I was given two by the mechanic but on closer inspection the paintjob for the tanwall is beyond a joke, one was nicely close to the tread of the rubber. Whilst the other was like it was painted by someone at 5pm on a Friday. Luckily there was a tone to select from to find a decent finish, unfortunately from what I saw in the box majority of them have been painted really badly from the factory =/

  • Oh man that’s a shame!

    I haven’t actually looked at them yet, will take a ganders at some point when coffee isn’t being thrown around by the youngest

  • yeah I hear you, got the dark tans on mine and parts of the lettering is a bit janky.

    I'm not so fussed as long as it rolls

  • Anyone seen this over on Bear Bones forum? Sounds like good fun! For those that don’t know, Welsh Ride Thing (WRT) is an off-road multi day bike packing event in mid wales, one of the first­3/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=21816

  • Rant Post:

    Lost all my respect to the people who works in Brompton Junction London. Specially told my gf Brompton was not a genuine a Brompton back in Feb, they said it was fine and they will still work on it.

    Phone up today and said they won't work on it because it is not a Brompton. Can't believe they wasted my time with these people. I will never recommend anyone to go to them to service your bike there. Support your LBS, at least you can get better service and professionalism from someone who you can actually trust.

  • lol come here I'll take a look at it for ya!

  • Where is better in central to go? Heard condor are OK but haven't tried...

  • Condor is probably the best IMO, good people who have been there for a while. Not a massive waiting time like Brompton and price is pretty the same.

  • Lunar Cycles
    Kentish Town, North West London
    7 out of the 9 staff are Brompton owners
    Huge stock holding of spares also
    Same day turn around

    Google reviews speak for themselves

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Brompton owners

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