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  • ah yeah, just a double chainset and front mech, must be heading up some pretty hefty mountains!

  • Cockpit is kinda crazy too

  • Any brompton dealers in Paris recommendations?

  • The owner tells me he used one of these for the front mech -­tml?gatewayAdapt=Pc2Msite

    In case you ever get any requests for similar!

  • Brompton Junction Paris. Then there’s also Cyclable and Holland Bikes.

  • What’s the difference between SWB and LWB? (Pre and post 2004)

    Not a lot actually, a different fork stop, hinge design and the newer frame has a slightly longer toptube which creates a more stable bike.

    Black is SWB, blue and white LWB.

    Lastly, yes I keep stock of frames so if you fancy a custom Brompton, just ask!

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  • Ps. Got two older Bromptons coming next week if anyone needs a working sub £550 Brompton!

  • Litepro levers, any good, or avoid?
    Looking to replace the stock ones on my B75.

  • Passable, nothing fantastic

  • What alternatives are there?
    Or just get the post 2017 Brompton levers.

  • I would get the updated brompton levers, speaking from experience as my gf got the older/cheaper version the brakes doesn't feel as responsive as my chpt3. Small weight penalty but definitely better braking feel.

  • I can do you a set of silver new ones, with or without shifter(s)

    Other options are okay but the cable entry angle is 1 reason that makes the Brompton ones great

  • Yeah, I have the ultralight ones, they are alright but nothing more. Bit flimsy feeling.

  • apologies for the idiot question , but whats the handlebar dimensions , just bought a 2017 and want to get replacement bars before it arrives , and i cant for the life of me remember .

  • My Vernier says 25.34 on my 2014 S2 - I'll take that to mean 25.4

  • Cheers buddy , I had a feeling it was but good to have confirmed.

  • What do people reckon to the conti urban contact tyres? Marathons (hs420) have been fine for commuting the last couple of years (no punctures), but I've virtually worn the tread off the rear so maybe time for something new.... fairly laden when commuting - 8kg front bag + 8kg rucksack + 80kg rider...

  • Best tyres on the market for Brompton.

    Brilliant puncture protection, without any of the drawbacks of weight and rolling resistant of Marathon. Definitely a game changer.

  • ~200g off each tyre does sound appealing!!

  • What @hoke said, my go to tyre now

  • Mine finally arrived today…haven’t ridden on it yet but just sitting on the bike, feels very flexy!

  • Anyone know what screw caps these are for Brompton T line?

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  • Luggage?

  • Front carrier block, shame they didn’t bother to trim the brake cable nicely

  • Apparently different from the standard block screws.

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Brompton owners

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