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  • Not at work for a few days so can't check the figures.
    Lemme get back to you on that.

  • Second cracked frame in a week… let’s have some school time.

    Seat sleeves need changing, if you ride your bike a few times a week do it yearly.

    It’s a £6 part, I personally charge £20 in labour to remove, clean, check, refit and ream.

    You will crack your frame if you just keep tightening your seat clamp!

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  • why does a sleeve exist? Is it because of the flanged end of the seatpost?

  • Dibs

  • Stops the seatpost / frame wearing metal on metal constantly

  • ah yeah ok, easy to DIY or strictly a dealer job?

  • On something in good condition, fine if you have a little mechanical handling ability and the correct reamer.

    There are a few things which require more knowledge / skill to get working tho

  • move to london?

  • Ha. I’ll will be heading that way in September so could tie in a day of work…

  • I was of the assumption that a sleeve isn't needed for people lifting the post to its maximum. Is this incorrect?

  • That’s the insert, the sleeve is glued into every frame/bike ever made.

  • Anyone got a rear rack going spare or a cheaper alternate which isn't made of cheese?

  • Wife was attacked for her Brommie last night (east Dulwich)
    She refused to give it up though and the attacker got scared off after she started screaming for help.
    Obvs wouldn't recommend doing that.
    She's a bit shocked but not hurt. Cops coming round today.
    The front mudguard has split where the robber grabbed hold of it.
    Where's best to get replacement? It's the silver plastic ones.
    Is it a faff to replace?

  • Brilliant Bikes, or SJS; easy enough to do especially the front.
    Hope you get some justice and the guy gets caught.

  • dude! is she okay? fair play for not letting them have it, top kudos.

    bog standard replacement, very easy just a couple of nuts/bolts

  • Thanks yeah - she's seems ok
    She didn't tell me when she first came home only a bit later when the kids were in bed
    But I think it means she'll change her commute time and route from now on

  • Police came round very quickly to my surprise and think it's helped my wife a bit.
    Copper said Bromptons are now easier to nick and sell on than phones so that's what the scrotes are now targeting

  • Trust Mrs N is ok. Trust she is comfortable returning to a route, if not this one

  • Picking up a brand new 6 speed Brompton tomorrow. New because a discount makes it the same price as second hand. Unboxing myself because bought from a chain and dont trust them. Anything I should look out for peculiar to a brand new Brompton please?

    Also anyone know the max distance of the 60cm extended seatpost from centre BB to saddle rail please? Used telescopic seatposts in the past but wonder if an extended seatpost will work for me?


  • I have a list somewhere but a quick rundown of common things as follows;

    tyre pressures.
    brakes are likely to feel okay but the cables wont be stretched/bedded, give both brakes a really good pull, wind in the barrels on the levers and reset at the brake.
    brake pads likely to be lose
    stop disc / brake backing bolts
    left crank bolt
    chain ring bolts
    rear wheel bolt under tensioner
    seatclamp 1/2 turn
    handlebar catch bolt 6mm on top of fork
    indicator chain not backed off correctly
    headset not backed off correctly

    I would check every nut bolt and fixture; I will do some more on this / maybe a video in the future.

    find torque settings under tech info -

  • Thats brilliant, I was hoping you would post, thanks!

  • Pleasure! Just shout if you need owt

  • Interesting setup someone has here with a Rohloff Speedhub at the back and a double crankset up front

  • no need to fold to change, just kick it over

  • Added another picture - there’s some derailleur magic going on there

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Brompton owners

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