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  • I do this every time!

  • just got around to fitting a new crankset & bb, measures bang on 25mm as per yours, clears the chainstays! I did go for 44t to give myself the best chance though... thanks again for the sense check.

  • Guess I belong in here now.
    Don't worry, there are flataways under those tyres.
    Currently 11.83kg

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  • New Brommy project is getting there.

    Gonna kind of sponge some black over this then lacquer then off to Ben at Kinetics to get all the pivots put back together and to get a seat shim in.

    I ordered a hooky S stem off Aliexpress for it, may paint it once it gets here.

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  • I also ‘upgraded’ the ancient rear brake on my swb to one of these cnced callipers.

    I say ‘upgraded’ because I’m not sure the breaking actually got much better despite the use of Swisstop BXP pads.

    Oh well, least it looks nice.

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  • Do you have the new metal levers, then it is not much of an upgrade IMO.

  • I’m using some bmx levers.

  • Clean that!

  • No idea then. I think that the whole brake lever and body being metal mean less flex.

  • Ah right, my levers are all metal. When I went old plasticky levers to metal levers it made a bigger difference than going from the old single pivot caliper to that fancy one.

    Maybe it'll get better as the pads bed in. Maybe I'll just keep telling myself that!

  • Swissstop or koolstop ;)

    Found cleaning the rim surface helped, do you have single or twin wall rims? Wonder if that makes a difference.

  • Swisstop BXP on the new caliper.

    I had been running just some standard cheap road pads on the old caliper.

    I've got the double wall rim. Rim might actually make a difference... I noticed that this new caliper doesn't have a ton of clearance on the rim. Like, it doesn't open very far and you can actually see in that photo that I've moved the concave washer that should sit inboard of the caliper arm to outboard just so I could fit the bads between the caliper arms and the rim so I wonder if the single wall rim is narrower.

    I actually have another wheel with a single wall rim so could try swap it...

  • Sorry swissstop vs koolstop was my attempt at humour.

    Have found that when doing the change I need to clean the rims brake surface area.

    Would have thought the double wall would mean less flex but have no idea if that is true, just in my head.

  • Problem is the caliper.

    Seems pretty narrow and double walled doesn't mean an increased width between the sidewalls/braking surface.

  • those upgraded hinges tho

  • Entry level build, normally a OE saddle but no stock, front wheel swapped so the rims match and Ergon grips.

    Hopefully the average punter does not notice it’s a Rohloff build!

    Weight tbc!

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  • Ignorance is bliss, but is that Rohloff that rear hub?

  • Yes sir, 14 speed, 526% gear range, one shifter.

    Shifter pulls cable, not indexing so it’s really reliable, just needs a year / 5,000km oil change.

  • How much is a hub again ;)

  • This is an OEM unit so cheaper ;)

    £1225 or so rrp

  • Kinetics rear triangle?

    Dropped mine off with him to get the pivots and seat shim done today. Would have loved to nosey around his workshop but think he was in the midst of brazing something so I didn't hang about.

  • Even at that price, are there any other simple one cable pull 14 speed hubs?

  • Yes sir, only ones I use currently

  • No sir, Alfine 11 then kindernay, think that’s it other than gear boxes!

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Brompton owners

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