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  • back to square one, any A line's likely to be available at all?

  • Only direct from Brompton, apparently dealers don’t want to sell them…

  • Let’s say I was considering a rollhoff and discs, how much cash could I claw back from selling my titanium triangle and forks?

    I probably won’t mind, I flipping love the 2 speed titanium simplicity and lightness, but making it usable on rural hills appeals..

  • You can email me…

  • I wanted Alfine Di2 so I could get a matching groupset but Rohloff is indeed a great choice.

  • Didn’t need, just wanted tbh:

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  • £75 for the most unergonomic seatclamp ever made :')

  • Form over function this time round…

  • the form is shit and the function is worse than the plastic clamp..

  • Money well spent 😭😭😭

  • Are you selling your old seat clamp?

  • Not yet, keeping it until January as my girlfriend is getting a Brompton too, but with lightweight parts which I might swap out if she doesn’t get along with it. But you can have it if she doesn’t want it.

  • Ah though you had standard parts.

  • I have a spare kit

  • Interested in how the function is worse than the plastic version?

  • seatclamp;

    the plastic lever and clip are both shaped better, with ergonomics in mind.

    the lever curves round nicely, the clip has a slightly pronouned end to feel your finger against.

    the metal ones are just flatter, wider and less comfortable to use, a complete cop out of potential.

    functionally, being metal, hitting against the metal frame.. goodbye paint.

  • Been thinking about selling my Brompton for a while, if anyone is interested let me know. It’s 2 and 1/2 years old but been unridden for 2 years since I changed jobs.

    It’s an S6L raw lacquer, with wide risers, telescopic post, last bike Brompton ever built with Son dynamo, upgraded b&m (iq-xs front and decent rear) lamps, T bag, old style cover with saddle bag, Brompton tool, marathons and spare set of lightly used racers… basically ultimate spec but not ti. Will have Brompton saddle (or a Flite) and new black grips.

    Cost new well in excess of £2k, probably done 500 miles, looking at around £1800 I reckon, not cheap but I think it’s a good deal.

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  • Send me some good photos

  • Folks who commute with their Brompton on the train: do you ever get paranoid leaving it on the luggage rack by the doors? Do you use a little lock or anything?

  • Paranoid = yes. Lock = no (faff to get it off in time when I want to get off, & guards don’t like it much).

    I try to sit at one of the seats right near the rack, or stand with it in the hallway if it’s busy. Fortunate it’s only 35 mins for me so standings is ok most of the time if I can’t get a seat.

    Saying that, never had/see a problem (and there’s lots of Bromptons leaving Paddington…)

  • Yes. Yes.

    Someone tried to nick it once. Train pulled into a station, doors opened, and I heard the unmistakable sound of a Brompton being dropped from a height of about 6”. I’d locked it to a pole, the guy obviously realised this as he lifted it, so just dropped it again.

  • Folks who commute with their Brompton on the train: do you ever get paranoid leaving it on the luggage rack by the doors?

    Occasionally. It's been a while though.

    Do you use a little lock or anything?

    No. Not that paranoid. Merely mildly twitchy.

  • when I did vauxhall to feltham, I'd usually stand with it at my feet in busy times, when I couldn't get a seat, or sit with it beside me, when i could get a seat. Never really left it any further than my hand could reach it. Never took a lock as it (to my mind) defeats the purpose of having a brompton, since you can take it inside with you.

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Brompton owners

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