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  • Or another chain tensioner that fit on the hanger.

  • Now that's what I'd be interested in, too.
    How does the rear dropout look, especially the gear hanger?

    Could I put on some singlespeed tensioner in a pinch? Say, I destroy the proprietary derailleur-thing and can't get a replacement (because its proprietary and probably not readily available everywhere...)...
    Or could i stick any old short-cage rear derailleur on it, limit it with the screws to the cogs on the hub and shift it with some old parts-bin thumbie in friction mode? you know, stuff that any bike enthusiast hoarder has flying around :D

  • @sbbohr - you have mail, if you read this? Ta.

  • Could I put on some singlespeed tensioner in a pinch?

    You probably can just use the current tensioner on it already, as it's separate from the chain pusher assembly*.

    *base on visual inspection.

  • Any bike shop peeps know the price of the new superlight please? Brompton website has numbers up but are they retail?

  • Any one used brommieplus recently. Since Brexit and pre covid?


  • From 2115

    Why would brompton list non rrp?

  • Not posting to Uk right?

  • Not an issue for me at the moment.

  • I can get a M4L-X next month but was quoted 2615... seems like a rinse
    edit - they messed up writing down 2165 lol

  • You're right, there seem to be two independent parts and the lower long arm with the pulley should work on its own as a tensioner. Not too bad actually. Thanks :)

  • photo?

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  • Interesting! Might be able to find a scrap frame you could cut up…

  • Yeah, it'd need to be pretty knackered to make it financially viable.

    Also not sure I could keep it intact while debrazing it. Making one is going to be my best bet I reckon.

    Have a few projects in the queue infront of it so have a wee while to figure it out.

  • I have the Joseph Kuosac Flat Handlebars on an S-type stem. Just wondering if that would work with the Brompton phone mount without any issues? Quadlock have a Black Friday sale on at the moment so tempted to pick the case up for my phone!

  • I'm assuming from our dynamo lights conversation that @amey has fitted a supernova front light to their brompton, has anyone else? I was thinking of getting an iq-xs, but for money reasons, might swap over the supernova that's on missus bike and get a supernova rear.
    Anyone have any issues/queries/warnings about making this happen?

    Let me know

  • Fitted loads. Current favourite option, smaller than son too

  • Supernova front and rear on mine. Works well, small enough to fit under the luggage mount using the original wire fork mount as well. Do think the Brompton/B&M rears would be better as a bit bigger area that lights up than the supernova ones though.

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  • My favourite Brompton <3 <3 <3

  • Aww shucks 🥰 it’s got a few more superfluous titanium bolts since then but it’s pretty much perfect. Colour still makes me smile every time I ride it 💜

  • Yep, ordered some wheels last week, very responsive and fast shipping too. Even rebuilt a new front wheel as the prebuilt one apparently had some blemishes on the rim. So far so good.

  • Pretty much my dream build other than black bits and Di2 Alfine.

    Wished I had pulled the trigger on the build, we'll see if I keep my 2 speed beyond March, if not, then I'll ping Ben at Kinetics.

  • Today brompton are doing free hire - got one to try out for a week =]

  • At a guess you aren't UK based.

  • You won’t be disappointed!

    If I’d had the funds I’d have loved to have gone rohloff and belt drive just becuase I’ve always wanted a rohloff. But its not been the bike that’s been lacking when I’ve struggled 😂

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Brompton owners

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