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  • is the email you need!

  • Sh_t the bed that's nice!
    What are those hinge clamps with brompton logo?

  • Stem seems stuck in my bike, any special techniques for freeing it up?

  • Anyone experienced the right/drive side pedal rattling/coming loose on the spindle? Been looking online and trying to find a way to tighten it up or will you need to reorder a new pedal?

  • Was out riding last night and nearly came a cropper a couple times due to the totally useless single pivot brakes so I decided to give it an upgrade today.

    I reckon with this at the front, a newer dual pivot caliper at the rear should be more than enough brakes.

    Sorting the cables tomorrow.

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  • right/drive side pedal rattling/coming loose on the spindle

    Yep, I had that recently, after ~6k km. Replaced both pedals, on the basis the other one has done exactly the same number of revs and was likely to go soon. Bought them from Brompton, took a week or so to turn up.

  • Tried new style levers?

  • They are rebuildable with a little modification.

  • No, the v brake will need a long pull lever, I have a couple to choose from, the rear brake will need a short pull, think I have a bmx lever I’ll use. Swapping the old levers off is part of the cabling job tomorrow

  • Hello,

    I have a set of mudguards that I'd like to install on my Brompton - however I only have the blades and little else. I've seen mentions of L or R stays on the internet, what's the difference? Any other specific nuts/bolts/whatever I'm going to need?

    Thank you!

  • I only have the blades and little else

    Kits of the remaining mudguard fitting parts are available:

    • Brompton front mudguard stay steel, complete with hook and fixings. Reference: QMGSFA
    • Brompton rear mudguard stay set, L-version steel, i.e., for bikes without a rack. Reference: QMGSRSET

    Then there are the two mudguard flaps if you don't have those: front flap, reference: QMGFLAPF and rear flap, reference: QMGFLAPR.

    For one possible source, Brilliant Bikes are listing all these parts as in stock.

  • Nice, thanks for the details!

  • Shit pedals. Buy one with cartridge bearings

  • Undo the 6mm bolt two full turns then twat it down

  • Thought I’d done that previously and it had knocked the wedge down but the quill was still stuck but turns out it wasn’t and it came out just fine.

  • I’m sure I have all these as spares

  • Cabled up my v brake this morning, simplest cable routing works best for the fold.

    Compressionless outer, new lever and pads on the rear too and it’ll now lock up which it wouldn’t before.

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  • Does SJS have any in stock you recommend?

  • system ex ones used to be my go to!

  • Anyone know if all rear triangles have the requisite mounts for the 2 speed derailleur?

    Mine is at home and I’m in work daydreaming about changing it from 3 speed to 2…

    Also, anyone know what the cog spacing ends up being? What are the chances of it being close enough to the spacing on a wi dos eno…?

  • Anyone know if all rear triangles have the requisite mounts for the 2 speed derailleur

    No, the early 3 and 5-speed short-wheelbase models didn't have any mounting for the Brompton 2-speed derailleur as it was later introduced with the T6 model in 2002.

  • Although…it looks like the mangled rear triangle Ive bought from eBay has the boss so it might be salvageable or copy-able.

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Brompton owners

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