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  • Thank you, may just invest in the new style shifters, they look much nicer.

  • Pretty sure I got some, dm me

  • I'm thinking of getting a Brompton haven't test ridden anything yet...
    Reading through this thread the 2 spd is popular but 3 spd is most reliable stock option?
    I'd like to be able to wheel the bike around folded - rear rack and ez wheels required for this? Any recommendation for rack gang website has loads of bling but what is most useful?

  • howdy.

    1. go test ride
    2. go test some non stock options; aka wider bars, different gearing options etc
    3. 3 speed is most reliable other than SS, 6 speed is king/queen but the 2 speed system is not perfect when it gets worn / gunked up.
    4. defo need a rack + easy wheels, Brompton / SON / Joseph Kuosac wheels are best for durability / smooth rolling
    5. bike gang is a mix of bling / lightweight but generally great; bias but I think SJS has the best UK stock of OE and aftermarket stuff.
    6. do not be fooled that the only options are the OE ones. sticking on a wider bar with ergonomic grips makes it a completely different bike.
  • Thanks for the reply, think nearest big brompton dealer to me is brilliant bikes...
    Any specific recommendation for rear rack and pedals please? Don't mind spending if worth the difference for h+h, mks etc?

  • My unsolicited opinions: the stock pedals are OK—the folding one is kind of handy. Second the previous comment on the two speed thing, it’s a bit rubbish. Mudguards are essential. I wouldn’t bother with a rear rack—get a Brooks saddle and one of these instead.

  • Cheers, was thinking of the rear rack only to get 4 ez wheels on the ground - good for pushing the bike around folded up?
    Definitely will go for mudguards and a front luggage block/bag
    Initially 2 spd was appealing but if flaky doesn't sound good, singlespeed is no longer sold?

  • I don’t push mine around much, but I did get a bigger set of skateboard ez wheels, and that’s good enough for me. The rack is supposed to be stabler for rolling, but if I’m going to be going any distance, eg down a train station platform, I just unfold the bike and refold it at the end.

  • I don't use my rack for putting much on but I would never get rid of it, purely for how much easier it is to roll around

  • Is that the standard brompton rack? Is it worth getting an upgraded rear rack? Looking at the aftermarket ez wheels the kuosac ones look quality, confusing which is 'best'
    Thinking of taking the bike on holiday when thats possible again... Being easy to wheel around folded will be important would like to set up nicely from the off :)

  • Wheeling a Brompton round a supermarket is much nicer than carrying it unless you have gorilla arms.

    You can’t really do it smoothly without a rear rack. I have a cheapo Ali Express rear rack. It’s fine.

    Saddle bags aren’t great on a Brompton. They mess up the weight distribution and the fold. Get a front bag for carrying stuff.

  • Concur, front luggage block is essential.

  • This looks cool, extra rack wheels without the rear rack­ulti-S-BM-Large-CarryMe-ORI-PU-easy-whee­ls-with-bearing-v-2-p53771179
    Thanks for the advice, will go for test ride soon

  • Front luggage block is essential.
    I've been riding 2 speed since 2014 - can't say that I've had any problems with it.

  • 2 speed very unreliable in my experience.

  • 2-speed is fine, only had trouble when riding off-road on holidays. I never had a rack and never missed it, when supermarket shopping when I lived in London I would just put the bike in a trolley. I have MKS compact EZY and they're good pedals but not something you'd want to remove daily.
    Get the gearing you need and the essentials (front block, mudguards), the rest you can always add later.

  • Yep, bromptons fit nicely in shopping trolleys. They're a surprisingly good bike for loading up with shopping.

  • Initially 2 spd was appealing but if flaky doesn't sound good

    I'm in the "2-speed is flaky" camp. After repeated fails for dealers getting the two-speed shifter working reliably on my 6-speed Brompton, I converted it to 3-speed with lower standard-spaced ratios for hills (44t front and 15t rear). It has been reliable ever since.

  • It’s been reliable for me for the last year or two but I have had periods where it was constantly not shifting and no amount of fettling would resolve it.

  • My 2spd has been fine for nearly 15 years. But I did swap out the chain tensioner for an aftermarket metal one a few years ago.

  • I was climbing Passo Gavia today, as you do, and towards the top there was a chap descending on a Brompton with what seemed to be rim brakes and a P-type handlebar. Brave chap. I wouldn't fancy that descent on a Brompton.

  • I can feel the heat of the rims from here!

  • North side or south side?

  • South. Going from Trento to Bormio. Ready for an Umbrail/Stelvio double tomorrow.

  • Hi, I recently got my first Brompton, one of the main reasons being to travel abroad with, I have various family members around Europe etc.

    Does anyone have any tips/experience on flying with one? I’ve seen a few bits online, but I picked up a (what I thought looked) pretty big samsonite hard shell case and it just doesn’t quite fit annoyingly, I’m wondering whether removing some more parts will do the trick.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Failing that, you’ll probably see said samsonite on classifieds.


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Brompton owners

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