Useful Cycle Training Books

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  • There's a few threads elsewhere on the forum about books, but this one specifically for cycle training:

    Cyclecraft - Franklin
    City Cycling - Ballentine
    Bike for Life - Wallack & Katovsky
    The National Standard

    Will maybe add full authors and ISBN's if anyone doesn't have access to google.

  • The National Standard

    *Last edited by Velocio; 1 Hour Ago at 06:16. Reason: Added links... but can't find the last one *

    The national standard has not yet been pulled together in one place.
    an overview is on the Cycle Training Standard Board Website .

    The best document which outlines the detailed riding outcomes and suggested riding positioning is the guide to Bikeability Scheme Registration

    The Child Cycle Training Guide explains best practice and good practice

    With any luck, when the DfT have set up the Instructor Training Organisations they will be able to focus on putting the NS together as one easily accessable document

    Another useful document is a paper that explores potential coflict between the NS and the law

  • Nice link magic V.

    Dave - is the little white handbook not printed up anymore?

  • ^Indeed it is. I'll post a link shortly
    rhb means the Cycle Training UK's Instructor Manual which is cited as a core source of the National Standards

  • That's the one, wasn't to hand whilst i was posting! Cheers :)

  • CTUK and some other providers of cycle instructor Training provide this book as reading material for the 4-day training course.
    If you would like a copy PM me (it costs £20)

  • ^^^The cycle training bible

  • ^^^^amen to that

  • I found this useful, think it draws heavily on Franklin, from memory (can't find my copy atm!)

    cos it is quite new, it is pretty good on being assertive and 'taking the lane' etc­a_bettercyclist/doyouwanttobeabettercyclist.html

  • It's surely a great thing that a motorists' organisation is promoting safe cycling techniques.

  • The IAM have been well into cycle training and have a good grasp of assertive cycling techniques. This was initiated by one of their directors Lord Redesdale.

    They appointed a dedicated cycing manager, Duncan Pickering ,who's first act was to get himself some cycle training. Their Chief examiner Peter Roger was also trained (in fact on the day I trained him he took me out on a 'drive check' to assses my driving skills after 15 years of not driving. We agreed that the main principles espoused as advanced driving were the same as those of Cycle Training)

    The IAM are also hated by Jeremy Clarkson...

  • Why did Jeremy hated the IAM?

  • I suspect that the IAM messages about sensible responsible driving at speeds that optimise petrol use, showing curtesy and having good communication skills, being tolerant of other slower vehicles, educating drivers do not appeal to his image of fast and furious driving of supercarscars.

    i can ask my contact at IAM for more details though

  • surely hatred by Clarkson is a real world recommendation?
    (caravans excepted!)

  • I found this useful, think it draws heavily on Franklin, from memory (can't find my copy atm!)

    This is quite possibly because it was written by John Franklin. :)­a_better_cyclist_/doyouwanttobeabettercy­clist.html

    “How to be a better cyclist” has been written and illustrated by leading cycle expert John Franklin and references many of the core IAM riding principles and techniques.

  • Oh, and the IAM do good work.

  • wasnt sure exactly where to put this, so heres info an an upcoming conference
    with presentation of papers titled
    "Enacting Mobile Claims to Space: The Choreography of Encounters between Cyclists and Non-Cyclists"

    I can dig it.

  • CTUK and some other providers of cycle instructor Training provide this book as reading material for the 4-day training course.
    If you would like a copy PM me (it costs £20)

    Must echoes this as the book is an excellent source of information that answer all your question, training would've been impossible without that Bible.

  • Hi - where exactly can you get this sort of book from?? Amazon is often out of stock and I can never find these in local shops... I'm idealling looking for trails in the Yorkshire area. I can find loads in Derb (not far) Loads in a and around York.. none for teh leeds/Huddersfield area ..


  • Contact CTUK about it, I'm sure they'll be willing to sell you a copy of that book.

  • If you want a copy of CTUk instructor's manual it costs £20 (or book onto an instructor training course)

    PM me for more details

  • John S. Allen has been kind enough to release a version of his "Cycling Street Smarts" for rogue nations insisting on driving on the wrong side of the road:­/index.htm

  • In the CTUK Cycle Training Instructor's Manual, it states that when teaching filtering you should not drill filtering on the left as it is not best practice. However, it goes on to say that it is OK to filter on the left if it is expedient on an accompanied commute.

    So, is filtering on the left best practice or not?

    7(g), p106-107. Paragraph in question, top of p107

  • Can you quote the manual with a page reference ShanonBall ?

    As far as I remember passing on the left of a traffic queue is not generally recommended an exception would be where there is a lot room on the left (or when there is a dedicated left filter)

  • Will flag the page reference tonight when I am home.

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Useful Cycle Training Books

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