Training providers and local councils

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  • Not sure if you want to add Greenwich to your list,­avel/Cycling/CycleTraining.htm Can't say i know much about it other than i'm just about to sign myself up for a course. Meant to do this months ago, but cricket seems to take over my weekends in the summer, still better late than never.

  • Thanks for the link. Be sure to let us know how your training goes.

  • I undertook a couple of lessons wiht CTUK earlier this year. Just noticed they do a bike mechanics course (also one for ladies only). Now if, like me, your local authority (Lambeth, for example) subsidised your cycle lessons, then you are able to access one of these one-day courses FREE as it's covered by the first (very low) fee you paid! Totally awesome.

  • Would like a free cycle training session by way of Newham Borough-Wide Cycle Training.
    Would rather do this through someone on the forum rather than the list on the newham website. Anyone do this?

  • Does the London School of Cycling still do Newham?

  • Will
    Regarding the list in the OP: I gather that Lewisham borough offer free training to anyone who lives or works in the borough.

    I'll try to get hold of the link.

  • Does the London School of Cycling still do Newham?

    No Oliver,
    I think they run an in-house scheme using freelance instructors

    Would like a free cycle training session by way of Newham Borough-Wide Cycle Training.
    Would rather do this through someone on the forum rather than the list on the newham website. Anyone do this?

    You can get subsidised cycle training funded by TfL from their bike hire/superhighways funding whereever you live in London as long as you state that you cycle on a hire bike or through a borough that has a superhighway through it.

    Cycle Training UK is one of the contracted providers for this and has a number of forum members working as part of that Cooperative. You can book a lesson through the website

  • Hi
    Looking for training providers or councils who might need more instructors, can anyone give me any clues?

  • Will, would it be possible to post a list of the forum's cycle trainers and the geographical areas that they cover and an idea of price?

    Im still not sure how much it might cost?

  • Is Bikeabilty the recognised CT course? Any alternative recognised providers?

    The nearest Bikeability instructor is in Cambridgeshre, which (the clue is in the name) isn't much use to me.

    Any suggestions and can anyone give me a ballpark figure of what level 3 will cost me?

  • Bikeability is the brand name for national standard cycle training. There are various providers who deliver the training. Costs would vary, is it for a group, individuals, are bike being check or checked and fixed etc, some even offer bike hire.

    You need to chat with your local providers and get some quotes.

  • I am sorry as I don't think that I am quite answering your question.


  • @scilly.suffolk There must be schemes in your area. Have you contacted the countly council, Bury St Edmonds, Ipswich etc
    I will check the list of registered schemes when I am in the office tomorrow. Where in Suffolk are you?

  • No, that's helpful: I wasn't sure if there were alternatives to Bikeability.

  • You'd think so, but as I say Cambridgeshire seems to be the nearest...

    I haven;t tried the council yet.

    I'm in Ipswich: it would be ironic, bearing in mind all the recent racing etc starting from here, if there wasn't some local training.

    I'd be grateful if you could check, no doubt you have a better idea off what to look for than me.

  • Posting this in a couple of threads just to show appreciation, I was looking for cycle training for my sister and below is the result :)

    Just an update, I phoned up and they were super helpful, initially I was going to book one in Cambridge as that was the only one listed but they had a trainer in Bury St Edmunds who could do a more bespoke lesson and show her the ropes on her actual route to work. She had her lesson on the 10th of September which she enjoyed but found challanging, she actually teared up at one point when she had to go through a busy junction but she did it once with the instructor and once on her own.

    Yesterday she cycled to work on her own for the first time, realised she forgot the key for her lock so cycled home, picked it up and cycled back to work and was very confident with it all, big whoop to the cycle training folk, highly recommended!


  • Is there an upto date list of cycle training providers like the one posted by the deleted chap seven years ago?

    Im looking to provide cycle training to an organisation, ideally through a set scheme or from a freelance individual - will pay some monies.


    Go via the tfl site and it links to most councils websites for the area you are in.

    Some of the providers I know in London.

    Happy to help so you know what to ask for, some providers will push you towards something you might not want as it ticks boxes for them.

  • One Cycle Training company to rule them all:­mpanies-merge

  • Yes, Instructors on CC books received this email announcement yesterday.

    I wanted to write to let you know of an exciting and significant development to Cycle Confident. I am pleased to announce that as of today, Bikeright! has become part of the Be Confident Group, the company that owns Cycle Confident.

    As you know since starting Cycle Confident 10 years ago, my main focus has been empowering more people to ride bicycles in London. Bringing BikeRight! Under the Be Confident Group umbrella gives us the opportunity to add further geographical reach to our mission!

    Bikeright! are a really well run company that has had significant success in delivering cycle training services in areas such as Manchester, Liverpool Birmingham and Bradford.

    By working together and sharing our knowledge, business processes and passion, we aim to establish ourselves as the leading cycle training company in the UK with nationwide capacity to deliver our services.

    There are exciting times ahead and as always I’m happy to discuss this exciting development further so please do get in touch to do so!

    Kind Regards

    David Showell

  • My sister in law and 9 year old niece who are riding more and more are considering cycle training. They want to feel more confident and safe in traffic basically. Any advice on what's out there? They're in Roehampton.
    I suppose covid is not helping it terms of variety of options, but would be great to know what kind of thing is available.

  • TfL have just released some funding, so cycle training is back, albeit with only a fraction of the money it had before. Wandsworth seem to run their training for children through schools and no family sessions. If you work or study in another borough you might qualify for training via them, though you'd have to check that.
    Failing that you could go private.

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Training providers and local councils

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