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  • Over the next few days we will be adding content to this forum so please be patient and give us time to get the various threads and stickies sorted. It's a collaborative effort and everyone is welcome to add but just for the time being let us get organised so it will then be easier for you to contribute in the right sections and find the info you are looking for.
    No doubt at first there will be a bit of a muddle so some posts may get moved around; we will let you know if we do this.
    Also; we want this to be somewhere that anyone, a forum member or not, can come to find out about cycle training. We don't want it to be a dull read, it's an LFGSS forum, but it would be appreciated if you can bear in mind that not everyone who comes here will be used to, or sympathetic to, some of the more extreme LFGSS style. So, if you can, please keep your posts lacking in obscenity and as on topic as possible. You won't be censored but you might be asked to edit your post.

  • Nice one WW.

    Feel free to delete my post in the "outside london" thread if there's already content planned for it, I hadn't read this when I saw it...

  • No worries; anyone can introduce themselves here. We may well have a sticky list later of LFGSS trainers.

  • Hello,
    a place for quick introductions from forum resident instructors (yes we live on here),

    M.F.Jason (39), lifelong cyclist trained 2005 by C.T.U.K.
    gained full accreditation 2007.

    I have delivered Bikeability training for Luton and Bedfordshire councils, in and around both towns, also for CoC (as was) and independently for individuals.
    Taught hundreds of school children, coming across most of the interesting challenges you encounter with groups on the road.

    Currently working for Sustrans as Bike it officer Bournemouth and Poole,
    in which role I continue to assist the transition of both Councils' to National Standards. Continue to deliver lots of Level 1 training, teaching complete beginners (adults and children) to ride, and supporting cycling officers in the area.

  • I do the same job as Jason - just based in Coventry instead, so lots of L1 stuff in schools.

    Trained by Cycle Training West Mids in May 2008, with top up on teaching kids to balance from CTUK later that summer. Confesion time 'cos as yet not been fully accredited... (due to not regularly delivering L2, the council has a team who do that for the schools I work with).

  • I am David Dansky (Skydancer -gettit?) and I am an ex-secondary school teacher. I left my inner london comprehensive to join Cycle Training UK (CTUK) in 2002 as an instructor. In addition to training cyclists I also train cycling instructors and deliver cyclist awareness training to drivers. I work now as Head of Training & Development for CTUK.

    CTUK is a worker's co-operative and social enterprise that exists to promote cycling through training and education. CTUK is an instructor training organisation.

  • I'm Paul and I work for http://www.bikeforlife.org.uk we're an independent cycle training organisation in Brighton.

    We do all the usual forms of training as well as bike maintenance courses and we are also offer an instructor training course (which would be useful for anyone SE looking to train). As stated on here by skydancer, the instructor training structure is a state of flux at the moment but this should be sorted soon. Details on our website under 'courses'.

  • Hello, my name is Festus. I've been working as a cycle training instructor for over a year and have trained hundreds of children and adults to levels 1, 2 and 3 bike ability in the boroughs of Waltham Forest, Newham and Tower Hamlets for Bike Works. I also do various cycle work with children/adults that have special needs/disabilities, as well as some training for the Special Olympics. (I also work with PCT refereals.)

    I live pretty central in London so can get anywhere in reasonable time if you're after any one on one training.

  • Hi all, I'm Kate, I'm currently working for Bikeworks in Tower Hamlets, Newham and Waltham Forest, as well as for Hackney council and a couple of schools directly in East London, and doing the odd bit for Islington and Camden councils.
    Over the past few weeks alone I've worked with kids aged 7-17, students, mums, PCT referrals, you name it.
    I've done some volunterring on Sustrans' Bike It and a couple of community projects, including one for young adults with learning disabilities.
    Training adults is especially bvrilliant as they respond very well to the logic the National Standards are based on- just a couple of hours is usually enough to impart a good understanding of basic skills and concepts (position, communication and awareness) that are universally useful and important.

  • hi kate - sounds like you do good work

  • Welcome Katie. The more trainers we have signed up to LFGSS the better we can make the training forum so glad to have you on board and please encourage any of your friends and colleagues who are trainers to come along.

  • Hi Will! We met last Saturday in the rain at BW! I noticed the email that's gone out through the instructors' Yahoo group about the forum so looks like we'll have lots of peeps along.
    ^thanks Carson!

  • Yes, I assumed it must be you. Nice to meet again

  • Ello Katie,
    if you volunteered with one of the Bike It London peeps, who was it?
    and thanks btw too.
    Andy C needs to come on line and contribute for the schools picture too,
    hes a bit keyboard shy..

  • Hi Jason, weve met before too- on criticsl mass a couple of months ago. I've still got one of your stickers on my top tube!
    I've been working with James and Georgie and am now instructing on Bike It U Can 2.

  • Great subforum, good work WW.

    Nice to see you this morning, I love talking about me new bike...

  • Apparently I never introduced myself.
    I am, now, a fully accredited Cycle Trainer with a lot of experience of teaching individuals from children to adults and from beginner to advanced level. I was a courier for a very long time and still do a little here and there. I ride a brown fixed gear Langster. I am not cool.

  • Wait, before it was a Colnago, recently a Plug, and now a Langster?

  • Regression therapy, next bike will be a Create

  • Isn't Will sweet...

  • Regression therapy, next bike will be a Create

    The next one might be a hybrid actually. I've ridden a few trainees' hybrids and they were fun.
    Ed, the Colnago is in the process of being put together again as the world's most beautiful road bike.
    I thought the Charge was ok, heavy and not exactly nimble but a perfectly adequate day to day bike. I really like the Langster and when I get some lighter wheels on there and some drop bars it will be even better. Pretty much confirmed my suspicions about how much undiluted snobbery there is on the main forum.
    One of the subsidiary pleasures of being a trainer is that you never encounter any preconceptions or prejudices about bikes: it actually is all about the ride :)

  • A SkyDancer, 18 months after retirement

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  • hello.

  • thats not really skydancer, stop being a silly Willy

  • A SkyDancer, 18 months after retirement

    That bloke often goes on Critical Mass.

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