Round #3 / Cog On The Tyne

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  • Ahhh im away that weekend.
    17th? 24th?

  • 24th is good.
    What times it roughly gonna be kicking off? Is there some kind of Schedule getting drawn up?

  • Should start around 7 ish with the race. Think I'm gonna be organising the events but that will be nearer the time.

  • seriously this date just keeps getting pushed back further and further, we need OFFICAL date set in stone, or it won't happen til next year

  • cog on the fucking tyne, set in fucking stone, 3rd of fucking july

    im probably going to need to volunteers for checkpoints and stuff, so if you're not gonna be racing and can help, put your name down here.

  • well aye!!!

  • ignore that, im in derby and sheffield. rubbish.

  • The Tyne's booked up, it's now gonna be held at the cluny, sadly there's gonna be no films shown but all the events will happen.

    PS. The prizes could include­4/DVSReview-02-PINP.php (I'm currently awaiting the parcel)

  • I might try too and get to this so I hope everyone will be friendly and not shun me away

  • sounds good phil. nice sneakers. also really liking that poster. lovely work.

  • wooooo im here for it!

  • I might try too and get to this so I hope everyone will be friendly and not shun me away

    no one will do that, just come along and get involved with the events!

  • final (hopefully) flyer. we cant show a film at the tyne but we decided its still the best venue so we will hold it there anyway.

    more details on the race and events nearer the time.

    i am still looking for volunteers for the race, all they need to do is go to a spot in town somewhere and tick off riders as they arrive

  • so it defo at the Tyne then?

  • yes, unless someone else tells me thats not possible

  • ok cool will hopefully see you down there then

  • I'll see if I can borrow a helmet cam and get some footage.

  • happy to volunteer phil .... manning checkpoints sounds much more my thang than racing

  • Just to let people know, I've got loan of a helmet cam, so make sure your hairs nice!

  • Just to confirm, I'll be bringing goals, mallets and a couple of polo bikes to Cog-on-the-Tyne so we can have a little polo exhibition between events. Matt, are you bringing some bikes on your bike rack?

  • Erm, what's that now? Are you really? I can bring people's polo bikes down earlier and they can maybe be locked up overnight but def don't want my car there later

  • Oops! Sorry Bud, I meant to speak to you about this at polo on Wednesday, but promptly forgot. Dave said he thought Phil had mentioned it to you, so I wasn't too worried. Communication fail!!

    Anyway, idea originally mooted a few weeks ago to have some casual polo demos between events at C-on-the-T. Only problem some people mentioned was, 'How do we get polo bikes, as well as our road fixies, there. And what about securing them, etc.' So, I was thinking that between us all we must have at least 3 bike-racks available for transporting polo bikes and locking them up.

    Stupidly, it hadn't occurred to me that peeps are gonna be drinking and wont wanna leave their cars. Oops, again!

    Is this a non-starter at this late stage in the planning then?

  • No, that sounds like a really good idea. Other than where the fuck we're going to play. Details...

    How about if everyone rides their polo bikes down to the Tyne for a pre-arranged time, complete with all the locks they own and I can ferry people home to pick up their nice bikes. 5 o clock? The good folks at the Tyne may well be kind enough to let us lock up somewhere out of the way overnight and we can reverse the process in the morning. Sound like a plan?

  • The original plan, if you can call the naive and hopelessly optimistic germ of an idea a 'plan', was to have a knock-about under the bridge outside the pub.
    The finer points of the logistics of getting the bikes there, securing them, getting them home again are clearly still up in the air somewhere ;)
    I'm quite happy to fit in with other people's plans and will help with moving bikes and people if I can. Dave's ankle is not up to riding in from Blyth, so will be bringing his car with bike-rack. He will be driving home after the event, so not drinking.
    Does this get us any nearer making it happen?

  • sorry to interrupt polo talk. im not sure if i will be able to bring my polo bike even with a lift anywhere. but if 3 people can get bikes down we might get 2 on 2 if someone can play on their normal bike (pete/tristan?).


    The race is pretty much finalised.

    Registration will be around 7:30 with the race beginning shortly after.

    The race will have a 30 minute time limit. This isn't going to be REALLY strict, it's just to keep it short. Any longer than 35 mins and you may be disqualified.

    It is a checkpoint race. 5 minutes before the start you will be given the manifest with the checkpoints and tasks. You can hit as many checkpoints as you want, in any order.

    YOU WILL NEED (you don't really NEED anything but it will help)…

    -a bike (might help)
    -a camera/camera phone. quality is not an issue
    -a stopwatch / some kind of timer ( just so you know how long 30 mins is)
    -a map (if you are really determined or don't know the city too well)

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Round #3 / Cog On The Tyne

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