Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Nice!! That’s a long pallet.

    What’s annoying is there are stacks of hundreds around here, but all go back and reused...

  • Need one of those to build some compost bins.
    In other news, went to get some food...

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  • My cauli flower arrangement ...
    ( 9 star perennial )

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  • I thought they were caterpillars all over them for a second in your 1st picture.!

  • Lovely! Did a bit of digging over and weeding today, and parsnips and beetroot seeds went in.
    Lifted some more leeks (no rust so far) and plan to put the spuds in next week. Plus have wild garlic coming up in the hedgerow unprompted.

  • No bugs - not even whitefly - the cold has killed them off.

  • Cheers -
    Do you have a problem with leek moth/fly ?

  • Not so far, all the ones coming up have been ok but the beds haven't been disturbed / weeded so that might have a bearing? Also, not really had any frosts (S.Oxon) and I gather that's supposed to help also - but maybe to much rain kept bugs at bay?

  • Tried sowing some latah early tomatoes a while back and nothing happened, think I got the soil temperature too cold. But resowed with my daughter a last week and moved them to a different location, they germinated in about 4-5 days. Not going to crop as early as I’d hoped, but should have something by the end of June.

  • More work today, cleared a good section by the shed and got a nice amount of fencing done.

    Have a non flowering (yet) tree I need some help to identify, any help would be good.

    Got our cherry and plum to go in, so want to know if we rehome or keep this prior to moving those over.


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  • If it's on an allotment chances are it's fruit (or self seeded). Let it grow for a year and find out, or could try asking allotment neighbours.

  • asked one neighbour who had no idea,have not seen anyone else in the last few visits.

    Probably best to let it grow for a while as you say!


  • Looks well enough established (though slightly unkempt) that it could produce a good crop if it's fruit.

  • Hard to tell from the available evidence, but plum, apple and pear blossom a little later, usually from the middle of this month.

  • aye not great photos etc, my 3 plum trees are flowering, my cherry albeit it a young one too.

    We shall wait and see!

  • This looks great! Where did you get the seeds?

  • Looks like it may be one of those heritage type plants that doesn't produce much seed and is generally sold as cuttings.

  • I've tried seeds in the past with not much success so last year I bought 3 young plants and this is the first year's crop of what I hope will be many.
    From here -­iflower-Plant-Cut-N-Come-Again/

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  • Yes - the seeds are dwindling - I may let one of mine go to seed this year and save it.

  • Due to demand (Covid?) that site wont sell to you if you've not used them before.

  • Could you take a cutting? Some brassicas are ok with that (heritage Kale, etc.)

  • that site wont sell to you if you've not used them before

    Oh! - I'm a previous customer from last year so should be ok (I ordered something from them last week and its on its way).
    I could order for people if you like ? Bare in mind this stuff comes in the post which is obviously delayed at the moment.
    I see what you mean with the Kale cuttings but can't find anyone who has done it with the 9 Star -­ex.php?topic=67128.0

  • Glorious 3 and a half hours up the allotment yesterday afternoon. Put in some more spuds and sowed some onion seed and sprouting broccoli.

  • Lovely here in the sun, fence is coming along, popped a swing in for the little human and now she’s content as parks are closed!

    Cherry tree rehomed yesterday, got a plum tree to go.

    Today’s job, more grass cutting and tidying, raspberry forest is wild...

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Anyone with an allotment?

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