Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Probably my last 'big' harvest for 2019 today. Something has nibbled three of the not quite ripe corn cobs, so I've covered the remaining ones with plastic bottles to see if that keeps the rats/mice/cornmonsters away.

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  • I am at the top of the waiting list for my local allotments, and a plot has become available.

    All I need to do now is go and meet a chap called Phil - who is apparently the gatekeeper - and I'm in.

    Phil is proving a bit elusive for now, but I will track him down.

    I am excite!

  • Great time of year to get an allotment too. Enjoy.

  • Inspired by @richardshill I've made some raspberry vodka

    Raspberries, sugar, double sieved and reduced.

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  • Amazing colour isn’t it!

  • Spent the day at the allotment yesterday, I was there for hours tidying and moving stuff around. The fun part of the day only lasted an hour or so.

    Hopefully this will release some of the nutrients from the heavy clay soil.

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  • Proper allotment equipment there.

  • Getting it in here was a struggle

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  • Impressed. 8hp model (the digger, not your wheels)?

  • I think the engine is 3hp. The car isn't far behind

  • Polytunnel cropping.

    Few tomato fruits and blight fighting means I think it'll be chilli plants only next year.

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  • No greenhouse and sowed late so happy for the recent good weather.

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  • Finally got hold of Phil,the allotment gatekeeper, so am going to see my plot tonight for the first time.

    I am excite.

  • Don't be overwhelmed if it looks like too much work.

    They tend to be moved on when people are not looking after them, a day clearing with a strimmer and you'll be amazed at the difference.

    It's a great hobby, I'm up at mine 3 times a week and love that time, it's a complete switch off from my largely desk job.

  • Don't be overwhelmed if it looks like too much work

    Just order one of these:­te-28586

  • First time I went to view our new plot I just chanced it as I was out. I ended up getting locked in with a sleeping toddler in a buggy and had to get us both over a low fence covered in brambles and stingers, then through a communal garden.

  • After cycling nearly 2 hours through torrential rain to get from my office to the allotments for 6.00pm, allotment Phil FTA'd.

    Now at home, drying off and calming down.

    One day, it will all seem worth it.

  • Mulch has arrived. Lots of mulch.

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  • We get a load of those chipped branches/prunings dumped regularly from the council.
    People use them mainly for paths as they are quite chunky so last a while.
    Someone reckoned that over the years we must have raised the whole site by a good few inches.

  • Do it, its great fun.

    First harvest. So worth it! Carrots needed more sun but taste amazing

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  • And..

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  • I have discovered some holes around my plot. Assuming these are rats/voles/mice I put down some bait. Bait has gone, Not nibbled gone. Will put more down tonight. I was worried I had pests, now I'm worried these pests are going to bleed out and doe and rot in my compost.

  • Have you managed to get your plot yet?

  • Extra nitrogen and phosphate for your compost on the plus side, small amount of poison in your compost on the minus side.

  • Good call. I'm still worried the thing will die in my compost.

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Anyone with an allotment?

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