Anyone with an allotment?

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  • ^ ace!

    My spuds plants have fruited!

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  • Poisonous! Just in case you were planning on eating them.

  • Ta, no plan to eat, need to get rid of them from the shed though incase kids get in.

  • Just ordered a 1000 litre water tank arriving Saturday, next on the list irrigation kit

  • Found this in our clubhouse.

    Any more obscure awards/trophies out there?

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  • Made these - toms, courgette, beans, onion, squash, garlic, basil all home grown.

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  • I did a lot of digging.

  • This weekend I have been mostly...

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  • ^ banned here until 1/10

    ^^ did a full day Friday. Some green manure experimenting started, some cardboard / manure lasagne for weed cover until the spring in other spots.

  • What is that tart/flan? Would love recipe if you have it! We also have excess plums...

  • Accidentally dug up a wasp nest yesterday...


    Smoke would have been useful.

  • here but I used some slightly runny plum jam on top rather than sugar.

  • Amazing, thank you.

  • I spent a good hour last night digging up a tree I planted not that long ago, with a view to train it against a fence. Pictures to follow.

    I am also having impure thoughts about dungarees. I'm quite tall so they may not be the best option.

  • I had a look for some long leg dungarees recently. I'm 6'5.
    Even made a phone enquiry and it was suggested to me that the taller gentleman could lower the shoulder straps but this would result in a lower crutch.

  • I'm 6'3. Same problem. They are either really baggy and look skater or they don't exist.

  • Raspberries moved from raised bed to the front of the plot. More to follow

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  • Best Radish of my 2019 crop today. It was delicious.

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  • Nice. What variety? I grew some with my daughter - just the little pinky sphere ones.

    Pumpkin starting to ripen. Plant had a lot of powdery mildew though.

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  • Slugs had ours but that looks good!

  • Good work. You using wood chip mulch there?
    We left the few raspberries canes on the first plot this year so there wasn’t much fruit- but worth ignoring as we got a small crop. Currently awaiting more gin (bit early in the day to go buying right now.)
    Also, bramble and chilli jam on the go.

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  • It's from a packet called radish mix so I'm not sure, possibly some sort of mooli... would like to grow more so will see if packet has more info on.

    Good pumpkin. We only have 2 small squash that have stalled, not good compared to last year - a mistake to use seeds from that crop rather than the packet maybe?

  • Slugs took a fair few of mine too, as well as nearly all the runner bean plants.

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Anyone with an allotment?

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