Anyone with an allotment?

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  • I’ve just put in an application for a plot in Waltham Forest.

    I’ve email as per instructions but is this somewhere where you need to know where to send a well placed Victoria Sponge or other cosy bribe to actually get a plot? I presume there’s a bit of a wait.

  • Ah, nice; all the fruit's now floating and it's already turning a lovely pinky colour.

  • I would expect you could cross the local committee's 'hand' with a few cubic metres of thornless wood chip.

  • Hi the Higham hill site have been very active with letting plots for the last 6 months, the new allotment officer has given out more plots in this period than the previous 12 years, so maybe a visit to their offices may help, cheers k

  • Nice one K, you gave me their contact details previously so will give them a bell and see what’s happening.
    Higham Hill would be my first choice too.

  • Which allotment? I have one in Leyton and the waiting list wasn't too bad. Like a year. If you want one in Leytonstone then the waiting list is long. Chingford and north Walthamstow again I think the lists are about 12-18 months.

  • I’ve spoken to some of the newcomers and they have been on the waiting lists from couple of months to couple of years and I get the feeling it’s more a case of right place right time, unofficially of course

  • Well I got an automated response on the email saying you’ll be added to the list and to expect a response in person within 5days.
    Will find the office address and hand deliver an application in person as well. Fingers crossed.

  • There are council run allotments and there are allotments run by private individuals. being on one list doesn't mean you are on the other as I understand it

  • The sites I’ve applied for(which are closest) are listed on the council site.

  • Received a reply - in short there’s currently high demand so not able to invite everyone on the list to the upcoming vacant plot viewing.
    I’ve been added to the waiting list and guess it’s a waiting game now. Sent a nice reply thanking them for the response so fingers crossed.

  • Oh yes, I want edmundro to grow food and open a café in which to serve it. :)

    @littleK, you wouldn't happen to know if café plots are being allotted at the moment, would you?


  • You'll only get a half plot too if indeed you get one.

  • Metal skip arriving at ours today apparently, this will mean I can get another 2-3 beds in this weekend once I clear all the crap this evening.

    Been a bit busy with Audax, but still been chipping away at ours, loads of stuff coming through, need to sort a shed next.

  • There was a plot on our site been used for this purpose and still is I believe but there is a clause in my contract which states you can’t grow fruit and veg for the purpose of selling on so not really sure how this effects Cafe plots,
    @edmundro there offices are in low hall Rd just before the recycling centre

  • Not much happened at our allotment recently. Watching my cabbages get eaten rapidly mostly. I have netting up so not sure how the f++ckers are getting in.

    Runner beans are in. Next is the beetroot.

  • Metal skip arrived today, this is all from my half plot!

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  • Working on a Sunflower Bed

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  • Saved this from the metal skip, it's in working order, needs a bit of TLC.

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  • .

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  • Absolutely love this well done

  • Making the most of the rhubarb...

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  • Courgettes

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  • Also uncovered some wild strawberries

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Anyone with an allotment?

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