Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Amongst other things I saved Poppy Seed this year, quite a satisfying process.

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  • Busy day trying to ignore our national parasite problem. Just about finished digging out the brambles, anti-weed membrane, rotten carpet, extremely annoying weed barrier stuff (like a 30cm wide strip of lino buried lengthwise, zero discernible effect on weeds), defunct fence etc etc. Filled four of those massive builders bags so far and have a large pile, got about another four—six bags to go I reckon.

    Couch grass is everywhere and roots v deep, a healthy bindweed and nettle patch mingled with plastic carpet remnants at the back.

    Big shout out for (Chillington) digging hoes; bought one for the job, and it has been ace. Also a bastard file to keep it sharp because there are stones everywhere.

    I’m all for blitzing the whole thing with glyphosate on a calm early spring day, but we’re going to try “mulch organic”. Hopefully more manageable than trying to sort out 100+ m² of cardboard; ~6km to the allotment, no car, and no bastard plastic from tape used to make up boxes, have picked out so so much of that.

    Found a dozen wild spuds, so have already had a mini-harvest.

  • Do you seed save?

    Ive done pumpkins before but after two years the seed were a hybrid courgette thing so I stopped. I’ve done potatoes, which I’m doing again this year for a few varieties. I’ll do elephant/regular garlic too. Not technically saving seed but ridiculously straightforward.

  • #figchat found one or two of my figs had turned a nice ripe colour so tried one. Wasn’t amazing as it was so small but tasted ok. Maybe next year.

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  • Also accidentally grew another huge squash. Not as big as last year’s, but will have to share it out with friends.

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  • When can we expect the first frost? It’s getting chilly

  • Had first frost on the house roof about a week ago, didn't get frost on the grass as I guess the ground isn't that cold yet. Thinking about putting the citrus inside.

  • Yes that’s where I’m at. Also avocados

  • When can we expect the first frost?

    It depends.

  • Does anyone find themselves running out of steam at this time of year?

  • It’s a slog though especially the summer peak.

  • Plenty of steam but no time at the moment.

  • Put some onions in, nice chilli haul too

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  • Finally put my shed base down

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  • Squash harvest 2022. Eaten one and two more to come.

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  • I put in some potatoes pretty late, obviously they went into pretty dry soil but have seemed to do ok since we had some rain. A recent air frost has burned some of the foliage and I'm not expecting much from them before a hard frost comes and kills the tops off completely. Given I always find old potatoes that I didn't plant that growing season so I'm thinking about leaving them in over the winter to harvest next year - genius or terrible idea?

  • If I plant some first earlies and stick them in the green house will they be ready for Christmas?

  • Better off doing it slightly earlier in September but should be fine, it’s fairly mild still.

  • Woot, finally reached the top of the allotment waiting list and confirmed with my deposit. Might drop down this evening to see just how fucked plot #079A is…
    I’ve already looked on the site map and it’s next to the wild bit which makes me think I’ve been given a sacrificial plot to feed the badgers. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers

  • Congratulations!!

  • Figs have really swelled up the last couple of weeks. These were lovely. #figchat

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  • Anyone done much grafting fruit trees (or any trees for that matter) onto rootstock? I'm thinking @mespilus or @edmundro may have some experience.

  • Broke ground today for the first time and spent three hours removing mostly grass, brambles, nettles, golf balls (?), mint, sage and dandelions. Turns out half a plot is gonna be waaaay more work than I anticipated - I’ll be happy if I can get it back to a blank canvas by the end of the year.
    Considering it’s only five minutes from our house, the soil is so much more fertile. I guess the result of years of cultivation.

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  • Also need to get a bench because we’ve got the best view of the whole allotment!

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  • I went on a bud grafting workshop the other week. In short Cut a bit, slice a bit, line up the green bits, wrap it to fuck with stretchy magic tape. Hope for the best.

    (Edit: clearly not an expert here and my fullwrap pic is out of focus, but does capture the albion bag nicely ).

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Anyone with an allotment?

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