Anyone with an allotment?

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  • I didn't bother last year but I did miss them a little (so did the kids) so thought two plants would suffice. Should have actually stuck one in the ground but was rushing and unprepared as usual.

  • loving this. Pretty sure that a courgette bigger than my forearm counts as a marrow anyway


    Could anybody use 10L of this (4 tins)­den-shades-exterior-paint-25l/p31147

    Bought to paint shed and then moved house and gave up plot ( :( ) yours for £0.00 if you can come and collect, but I will accept interesting beers/produce/jams in trade. I’m in far flung SE, BR7 postcode.

  • I’ve inherited this pear tree. Does it need pruning? If so how?

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  • Any idea what these are?

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  • I'm gonna say apple, apple/pear, cherry, cherry

  • I agree ☝️

  • Cool cool cool. Do any of them need pruning or any special care?

  • The first Pear needs the high shoots bringing down and let the centre have some space back in them all. i.m.o.

    Cherry can be pruned now iirc, Pear & Apple tends to be done in winter.

  • Definitely trying this!

  • Thanks for the advice. I should get some time for this tomorrow. It’s too wet to be moving horse manure around

  • @rhb has got it!
    Take out any branches that are damaged first.
    Then any that are crossing over each other.
    Then have a good look round the tree and try and create some air flow in the middle. Make sure your clippers are clean and clean them again between trees.

  • Lettuce after potatoes seems to be going ok.

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  • Lovely those. Are they under fleece?

  • How are you stopping them being eaten?

  • Just under a mesh tunnel cloche, more to keep the birds off when I planted out the little seedlings than anything, but I feel it retains moisture a little better with that on than without. @Light_EDDed I put nemaslug down earlier in the year but I think the weather is doing most of the work for me. Barely a nibble.

  • Queensland blue squash doing some climbing. Little Uchiki Kuri in the background. One squash I thought was going to make it but seems to have died back in the heat. Anyone think half of it might still be ok?

    Loving that almost every squash flower I look in has a bee in it.

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  • Little haul today. Also a few chillis and took home all the onions and garlic we’d strung up to dry.

    Want to make chilli oil this year - dry or fresh chillis? Do I just pop them in or heat up the oil with them in?

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  • Do I just pop them in or heat up the oil with them in?

    Heat, else botulism risk apparently.

  • Good to know, thanks

  • I moaned on here about a month ago about my sweetcorn being very poor this yr - at the time they were about 18 inches tall. The sunshine, a load of fertilizer and the recent rain have now got them up about 5 or 6 feet high so now happy

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  • Lovely. My sweetcorn has sadly been a total write off. Only looking like I would get 4-5 reasonable cobs off it and when I went up there yesterday about 4 of them had been eaten by something. Teach me to not prepare the ground properly. Genuinely gutted. Had such a great crop last year.

  • Noire de Crimee ...

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  • Why has my spinach done this?

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Anyone with an allotment?

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