Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Ta.

    I’m going to put them on bagels with cream cheese. Maybe some honey.

    This particular tree is on our morning dog walk. The wasps normally get there before me.

    Could I leave them on a window sill like tomatoes?

  • New plot

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  • Up the plot with the kids today and despite not having heard from the council I decided to build a raised bed area to start converting the plot to no dig in faith that I wouldn’t lose the plot. Just finished the bed and checked my email… the council guy got back to me and said I’d cleaned up to an acceptable standard. Happy days! Plot almost looks half decent from some choice angles.

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  • Dug up all my earlies and second earlies as well (some very mixed results) Anyone ever done carrots after potatoes or is one root crop after another a bit of a fools errand?

  • Don't know if figs continue to ripen when picked. This Summer's prolonged warm weather results in the below in outer north west London.

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  • I tend to stick leeks in after spuds (or cover ready for onions/garlic)

  • Almost worth moving to Ruislip if it results in figs like that!

  • Bit of a haul today. Spuds were nothing special(suspect there may be some lurking deep down still), also a bunch of smaller toms(making passata now) and pulled all our onions.

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  • Thanks. I’m afraid leeks are the one allium I (or rather my guts) cannot abide.

  • Amazing hail there. We did all our potato’s in felt sack/pot things. They worked really well so will make I do more next year.

    My wife’s on a food plan so she can have potato but not very often. But defo need more next year.

  • We do everything in the ground. Can’t be fucked with containers or raised beds. In a way we’re kinda glad we don’t have and insane amount. Prob 15kg over a 2x2m area plus a couple of random plants that had popped up from last year.

    Will put overwinter onions in the spud bed I guess. What else should I be thinking about for filling the beds as I clear them? Will cover some of them and use a couple I guess.
    The big manure delivery is December so may as well get some use til then.

  • Size of them onions.

  • I can put in a good word for you.

  • You could stick some chard in and overwinter. Same with Kale. Spring cabbage can be sown now. I’ve just stuck a load of rocket and more lettuce in and some Pak Choi.

  • Finally started digging the footing for the shed this morning. Need to drop a 3x3m area down by about 6-8” and level it.
    Got about 1/3 done, sieved the soil, good stuff is topping up flower bed that was looking a bit sunken and the crap is going at the back corner to be worried about another day.
    Hopefully 2 more days max on that and I’ll be ready to start ordering bits.

  • Hoed my ex-onion bed of weeds and planted some green manure beans there today to dig in at some point in the future.

    Otherwise, mostly got kinda ripe tomatoes and a few french beans.

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  • Just ordered my winter onion sets and some alliums to whack in the front flower bed for good measure.
    Also randomly went to b&q today and ended up with some cute flower bedding plants to fill up a dead spot.

  • Looking good on here!
    Just starting to get some rust on our broad beans so I pulled them up. 4kg, any volunteers to pod them?

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  • Just ordered my winter onion sets

    When are they due? After smashing the onion growing out that park last year I’ve had a stinker this year. Keen to rectify for next year.

  • I’ve got more onions than I know what to do with. But still need more

  • I think Suttons are shipping ours mid September along with the alliums. Only ordered 50 sets. Not desperate to do a ton of winter onions but fills a bed.

  • Random colourful things(and a few bulbs) In down the front.
    Not very exciting but halfway through levelling off at the back.

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  • Speaking of figs. Am I going to get an edible crop off my tree this year? These are all about an inch and a half long. Anything I can do to swell them (as well as watering).

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  • Those still look over firm.
    Leave them to ripen a bit more.
    Assuming they are the 'Brown Turkey' fig, they should get a purplish or (attractive) brown skin when fully ripened.
    How far north are you?
    This is outer north west London

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  • I usually get the main crop in September on mine, in south east London. The warm and sunny Septembers we've been getting the past few years help a lot.

    We had three ripen a couple of weeks ago, but they were ones that saw out the winter.

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Anyone with an allotment?

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