Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Could you use fresh manure to give the melon plants warmth?

  • Unsure exactly what type, they were in the bottom of a tray of fruit salad from the coffee shop. They’ve germinated so I guess they’re good to go.
    Will make space in the tunnel then and stick em in the ground, out of manure now but will find some more when the time comes.

    Do most types climb or just as likely to spread? Can’t wait to see what we end up with.

  • usually train them into an x shape and keep strongest 3 or 4 on each stem

  • Brilliant, thanks for that. Popped the seeds on a whim so looking forward to seeing what comes of it :)

  • Plants about to get a good watering

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  • Admitted defeat on germinating peppers and toms so joined The Gardening Club up Enfield way. Veg plants for a quid each as opposed to more like £3 from a generic garden centre.
    Got a good range of varieties so hopefully something will survive..

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  • It’s a nice idea being a purest and growing from seed. But sometimes it’s just easier to buy the plant.

  • Second “shelf” up. Although I’ve been assured we don’t need any more strawberries.

    Any ideas for something small or that will dangle?

    Worst case scenario more strawberries

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  • Theres a variety of cherry tomatoes for baskets that might work

  • Nasturtiums or trailing cherry tomatoes

  • Ah, plant three or four cucumbers and train them up some string and you’ll have cucumber heaven :)

  • Got the first lot of main crop spuds in today, Desiree. Earlies and second earlies all sprouting. Got them in just before a nice rain shower.

  • Get yourself a heated seedling mat or electric propagtor and start your seeds off indoors. Worked great this year as the weather was too cold to start anything much in the greenhouse shelves.

  • ive got a load of potatoes i still need to plant, weather up north was foul today, the seed potatoes are bursting out shoots . They'll be fine - ive planted them really late in previous years when Wilko flog them off for pennies. It's difficult to go wrong with potatoes

  • Yeah will treat ourselves to a heated windowsill one at Xmas ready for next year.
    Just felt a bit of a bummer as always done well on seeds in previous years growing on the balcony but as soon as we get the allotment it didn’t work out so well this time!
    Lots of salad and spuds sprouting today as well.

  • Well the rain seems to have spurred on all the grass and weeds on the plot which sucks. At least the sticky weed and nettles are easy to pull up.
    Repotted yesterday’s bargains and levelled the next pallet bay spot as I’ve now got close to 3 bays of shit. In the process I dug some great soil out. Assume they’re long lost heaps.

    Also, love sitting in the polytunnel hearing the rain on the roof. Does make me want a nice shed tho.

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  • Managed to find some tumbling Tom’s! However I ran out of pallets. To be continued...

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  • Planted out some peas on Saturday, went back to plot Sunday ... no leaves left :(

  • This is the eventual fate of my peas when I decide to plant them out... bottle cloches?

  • Mice? Was our problem. The bottle-cloche thing might be a good bet.

  • We do have mice down on the plots, they got most of my broad beans back in Nov and have had a nibble of beetroot in the past. Annoying when they destroy the whole plant tho :(

    What happend once the plant is too big for the cloche, hope the mice just eat a few leaves?

  • We swapped them out for tubes of narrow gauge (? Small holes) chicken wire. Not infallible but once the peas get some height they seem to be safer. Hit and miss luck :(

  • My hot composter so full I’m going to see what’s happening ‘down below’. It’s surrounded by insulation so I took that off and tried to shuffle it outside. It’s so heavy. I had a feel there would be lots of liquid inside so decided to drain that out. You can imagine for yourselves what it smelt like. I nearly gagged.

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  • Also if you’re planning on building one for yourself I’d get a wheelie bin. Even with just two of us we generate so much grass, paper, and food waste.

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Anyone with an allotment?

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