Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Does anyone want any courgettes? I've got 3 Parador F1 and 4 Eclipse going free, collection from SE15. I'll start hardening them off in the garden from the weekend.

  • I'm doing this but replacing Sweetcorn with Sunflowers as Sweetcorn is a waste of time & space up here

  • Whereabouts are you?

  • I've done the 3 sisters method a few times - get the sweetcorn well established first then the beans and squash. The squash don't climb , they trail where ever they like - you would have to tie them up and then support the heavy fruit as it forms.

  • Near Old Trafford

  • Subs paid today. £1 per week for the enjoyment of this space. Bargain.

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  • The special Swiss sweetcorn from the real seed co is supposed to do ok in wetter/colder areas. They grow it in wales (not quite sure whereabouts in wales though). Edit: Pembrokeshire, ignore me.

  • Unfortunately the one year it grew reasonably well up here the mice/rats got to it before it was ripe.

  • I ordered a ‘fiesta heirloom corn mix’ for £2 for 55 seeds on Amazon. Some reviews saying they’ve done ok in southern England. Excited to try 3 sisters with that patch now!

  • Tidying up, covering the spuds, keeping on top of things. Allotment stuff.

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  • Hacked back the brambles in the back corner, got rid of a couple of small trees and pruned the one we kept.
    Dug over the squash/corn patch and Liz planted tons of seeds and wee plants. Trying to decide what to do at the back now aside from putting 2 more compost bays in.

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  • Considering painting the clubhouse wall white to brighten the place up a bit...

  • My salad experiment is working well so far, and has been safe from critters.

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  • Is that the old aquarium? Looks really good

  • Busy day at the allotment today. Concreted these posts in with a view of attaching the cut up pallet with a base on it to make a sort of planter. Probably going to do 4-6 on each side.

    I hope that makes sense. This is for strawberries so they should hang nicely

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  • Concreting? Next level 'llotment dedication. Only ever needed to use a steel digging bar to get posts in :)

  • It was an old glass cold frame, with hardly any glass left, it's now mainly gorilla tape and other bits I've found round the plot

  • I know no other way. And I had the posts lying around so seemed feasible.

    The only thing is I’m going to do two of the shelves. And whilst I’m always a believer of you can never have too many strawberries. I’m tempted to put something else in the other shelf, but what???

  • Ocd scalping effort today at the front of the plot. Plan is for 2.4x1.5m deck for Liz to do yoga on. Sieved enough for a neat little salad bed right at the front.
    Did generate a lot of shite tho

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  • Progress on the strawberry tower has slowed due to the weather. Here is a mock up. I haven’t added the soil yet but you get the idea. Can’t decide on whether to leave it as one plant or 2, maybe even 3 for each compartment

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  • Another perspective on the three sisters method.

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  • Yeah didn't work that well for me last year. Trying it without the beans this year

  • I tend towards non-climbing beans so think I will keep sweetcorn and squash separate this year. In other news, it seems April has finally turned up.

  • We’re gonna give squash/corn a whirl together as we don’t eat a huge amount of squash and wanted to get more out of the space. We shall see...

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Anyone with an allotment?

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