Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Neighbours plot. View through pallet fence

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  • Real Seeds
    Chiltern Seeds
    Tamar Organics

    All very speedy through the post.

  • I’ve finally planted my first earlies. Just need to start getting the rest of my seeds planted

  • Don't suppose anyone has a petrol strimmer/brush cutter near E7 that I could borrow? Need to clear my plot but not sure if buying one is worth it.

  • All the plastic is out now. I decided to separate the space into two smaller more accessible/workable beds. This was helped by some part buried floorboards of the old polytunnel making a natural line for a path dead centre.

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  • Got myself a vegetable expert book, based on it being mentioned here. Must say, it looks good

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  • Clearing and prepping over the last few days

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  • Nice work. I quite like this time of year on the veg patch, imagining all the possibilities and all the things growing perfectly. Of course the old adage that it'll always be better next year normally applies, but the potential of bare earth is always exciting to me.

  • We went up today and had the first day I've enjoyed for a while, much better when its not frozen or flooded!

  • better when its not frozen or flooded

    Very much this!

  • Lovely afternoon of aimless pottering on the plot today. Ground pretty dry of late so will take a day off next week and rotavate the whole plot and dig in the manure I’ve been rotting down over winter to get it ready for spring. Spuds in soon.

  • Scored a load of 2x6 from a bloke that was getting rid of his deck so built a deck base and replaced the steps that were borderline dangerous. Sadly the boards had already gone so may have to fork out for those but should make a nice relaxing spot for pregnant wife and outdoor socialising while the garden is getting done over.

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  • In my efforts to have some decent salad that isn't destroyed by slugs I've used an old broken cold frame on top of a pallet to try and protect the crop this year.

    My allotment is basically constructed from old stuff held together with gorilla tape at this point.

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  • My allotment is basically constructed from old stuff held together with gorilla tape at this point.

    Doing it right

  • Hate to break it to you, but the slugs may already be there.... eggs in the compost/earth that you’ve put inside the cold frame, just ready to hatch and munch on those tasty leaves... I hope not for your sake, but quite likely, keep your eyes peeled!

  • It's shop bought so hopefully ok, I'm always on slug patrol just trying to improve the odds in our favour!

  • More paths, levelling and got another bed dug in today. Poly tunnel going up with the help of a mate next weekend.
    Just remembered to start my peppers and chilli seeds. They’ll be indoors for now but am I already a bit behind? They’ll be living in the polytunnel but even so. Usually a bit earlier doing them previously.

    Need to order spuds, cauli and carrot seeds. Got enough tom seeds and a few other bits which should fill up the space we’ve cleared so far.

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  • I don't usually start my chilli's till the end of March, never had a problem

  • Not started my chillies either, not concerned.

    Spuds chitting, Playhouse freecycled off plot so more space to clear & grow in. Sorrel moved & one split so now 3 x plants if they survive. Drilled an overflow on my water bin to feed the basin pond.

    Got another pallet crate to use as a lined weed composter too. No pics, it got dark, felt like a productive few hours though.

  • It still feels too cold for planting seeds at the moment

  • Main crop spuds worth putting in soon? Got a bed ready but was gonna dump some extra woodchip in there to ease lifting.

  • Is it not early for spuds too? I put them in towards end of month after a good chitting.

    Am up north though so have to wait longer for things to warm up & get going.

    Thing is spuds left in the ground from last year they'd still grow new plants, so I guess putting them in the soil now they'd still be ok.

    A frost in late April / early May killed all the young growth & knocked mine back a bit last year but they recovered from it. Probably reduced yield though but hard to know for sure.

  • I put my first earlies in last week of March last year (in London). They got hit by the frost too, but recovered. Will definitely be keeping an eye on them this year and fleecing.

  • Main crop potatoes go in the ground in April generally. Earlies can generally be planted from mid March.

  • Cool, will hold off for a bit then

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Anyone with an allotment?

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