Anyone with an allotment?

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  • Nice harvest. Leeks are a good shout, I'd add Radishes to andyp's suggestions of quick crops too. I got this beauty (amongst many slightly lesser quality others) after just 3-4 weeks, am on my 4th planting of radish seeds this summer now. Good for kimchi.

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  • Any suggestions for beetroot recipes? I have rather a lot to get through!

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  • I have them in this weather in a salad with carrots and best olive oil and cider vinegar.

  • I blend them into smoothie. Although our beetroot harvest is pathetic!

    Golf ball or smaller

  • Grated, with carrot, fried in olive oil with softened onion & garlic & chilli, add sunflower & pumpkin seeds, serve on pasta.

  • Cheers all. MsPub does a mean risotto with leeks and chestnuts, seems like a good thing to start with.

  • Grate and jar a load of them. Lovely winter salad.

  • All this beet chat is making my stomach rumble.

  • Yeah gonna look into preserving, pickling and chutneying some!

  • You can see in my pic upthread that the rats got to a couple of the beets. Most just nibbled a little but this one got smashed!

    I wonder what made this one so tasty?

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  • Onions are out and drying...

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  • Any pumpkin storage tips? The heat wave means my pumpkin has ripened way too early and the plant has turned in to a crisp. What’s the best way to store the pumpkin ‘till halloween?

  • Turn it into soup - put soup in freezer

  • Roasted in tin foil with garlic, thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  • If you let them harden off for a week, they will store fine over winter

  • Rhs has good advice but agree on soup! It’s so hot now can’t see they’d keep that long otherwise.

  • Lifted our maincrop potatoes today, few issues with critters but we should have plenty to store.

    Planted out some lates last week that will hopefully be ready to lift on Christmas Day

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  • Cool dark dry place and they can last a fair old while. Pick the greenest one.

  • You can boil them and freeze them, as unlike many veg, they freeze well and there is no drop off in taste or texture. We used to quarter them after boiling them and roast them all through the winter.

  • If you let them harden off for a week, they will store fine over winter

    Thanks, it only has to last 'till halloween. I'm not sure what sort of message a steaming hot bowl of pumpkin soup outside the house would send out to the trick or treaters.

  • Will there be croutons?

  • Sure the prospect of eating a vegetable soup would terrify a lot of youngsters round here.

  • Er, slice of cucumber anyone?

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  • Cucumber Wine?

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Anyone with an allotment?

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