Anyone with an allotment?

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  • I’m ready for a shed/beach hut/greenhouse. I have a space in mind just need to order the timber.

    Planted some courgettes last night.

    Also need to sow winter greens ASAP

  • Nice! Got a couple more I need to make. Found some smaller underfloor heating pipe in a skip the other day, so wondering how best to use that.

  • Free stuff is great for allotments. I got a boot full of pre-cut pallet wood the other day.

  • Sacked off cooking and took takeaway pizza's to the plot. Perfect evening.

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  • Best night ever

  • Anyone ever tried growing a new baby lettuce from the end of an old one? Mate put me into the possibility and it seems to be working. Wondering if adding a little tomato feed might improve the process.

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  • You can do the same with spring onions

    Leave about 1 cm above the root. Plant and it re grows

    In other news. Our 1000l tank got delivered today. Need to find some pallets to put it on now

  • Potato, lettuce, courgette and chive salad with veganaise for lunch tomorrow... thank you allotment:)

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  • Thompson and Morgan seeds arrived yesterday. All present and correct.

    Went to the allotment and decided to lift the early potatoes that were particularly badly hit by the may frost and the carrots that got overwhelmed by chickweed and thistles. Some comically tiny potatoes and carrots there, but was actually quite impressed the carrots did anything as they were completely swamped by weeds. Daughter loves the tiny carrots as a snack, strong Peter rabbit vibes.

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  • ^ Nice.

    Anyone else forget to label their spuds? Asking for a friend.

  • I only know what's what due to the spacing between each variety!

  • I split mine first/second early and maincrop, so it’s easy to tell. I do have five plants growing on the plot and I have no idea if they’re cauliflower or Brussels.

  • ^ & ^^ I'd My friend had done similar but they're mostly adjacent to each other on one side of my their plot and I'm they're now second guessing what I'd they'd done. I They think (hope) I they have photo's and notes somewhere saved...

  • Are they a split of earlies/maincrop etc?

  • Yeah, I think there was some logic to the planting...

  • I've located the FE's Casablanca and SE's Maris Peer! I filled gaps in the FE's with Rudolph.

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  • Are you doing no dig @rhb ?

    Pulled up some of the first earlies (and two of the seconds) this morning for the roast today. Kids loved it.

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  • Minimal dig, I.e. dig out weed roots. Not doing the methodical turning with a spade etc stuff.

    Your spuds look great, I got 4 off the bottom right plant in the top of my 2 pics ^^ plus pulled first beetroot.

    Should be headed over soon but it's looking like a deluge is headed our way.

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  • Not strictly alotment but made gooseberry jam from gooseberries from my mother in laws garden today which seem to be growing like mad this year

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  • Looks tasty. I really should try and get some fruit on my allotment.

  • Took my raised bed in hand yesterday and today. Finally getting on top of the weeds, adding some homemade compost and then getting some netting in place.

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  • can anyone recommend something good to start growing now and be able to harvest this year? just acquired a plot and going to grow some pumpkins and hopefully onions and potatoes. is there anything else worth having a go at this time of year?

  • we took over ours at almost exactly this time last year, and had a lot of luck with potatoes, carrots, lettuce/spinach. always great to get things started!

  • Carrots, beetroot, radishes, winter squashes/pumpkins etc.

    Edit: Dwarf French beans too.

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Anyone with an allotment?

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