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  • Few more. Absolutely banging sandwich from the Deli in Helmsley market square - a must if you’re ever there. The pecan slice thingies were critical ride fuel as well. Probably the densest concentration of calories in the known world.

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  • ^lovely cycling country, had a fab holiday near Helmsley and did Rosedale Chimney and met someone I knew from Lewisham in the Red Lion. Must go back some time.

  • What's a cinder surface? Not come across that term.

  • According to a google search talking about a similar path in Whitby.
    “ The track ballast was made from cinders rather than crushed stone, hence the name the Cinder Track.”
    It’s noticeable because it’s black rather than the yellow of the other tracks in the area that come from the native sandstone of the Moors.
    I’m not totally sure if it refers to cinder as a waste product from industry or scoria/volcanic rock.
    It’s smooth and nice to ride on. Mainly because of the preparation to make it into a railway line rather than the material itself I guess.

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  • Great ride report.

    Did you ever have a different username? Writing style (and length of post) rings a bell...

  • '+' @NorthLondonLight.
    triple visit from the fairy!
    More later, if we ever regain contact with civilisation/ public transport.

  • I'll be scarred for life by the memory of this ride.

  • It's not my favourite town,
    Uxbridge isn't that bad!

  • Last weekend - L'Eroica in Tuscany, always a great event whatever the weather or course condition, because Tuscany, atmosphere, zillions of (vintage) bike lovers, great food and wine. And strade bianche + hills of course.

    This weekend - back home, looking to extend those vibes, albeit on a sort-of-modern bike ;)

  • Lovely weather yesterday, almost felt like summer still

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  • not weekend but Wednesday, a nice pic of a nice place to ride in NL (a little dike with a bike path on top). If you're ever in the neighborhood, it starts here and goes South

  • this is fantastic

  • Nice views in Luxemburg

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  • So many acorns on the roads today.

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  • Yes and lol. (many)

  • Tough one today, terrain is sandy, it’s hot and the bike handles twitchily at unexpected moments but steers like a shipping tanker in treacle. Saw a 120 year old tortoise and had to cross an airstrip.

    I will be contacting @scherrit for bike fit advice.




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  • The tricky terrain

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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