Tell us about your weekend ride

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  • (For those that don't know, @hippy followed up his 24 hour MTB race last weekend with a 1000km Audax this weekend).

  • Yeah, it got a bit roughed up. Sweaty day 1, wet as fook day 2, wet start to day 3 but by that stage the shin pain was taking my mind off any gooch issues anyway.

  • I love what that does to the Grupetto club leaderboard on Strava.

  • I don't think I've ever looked at a leaderboard. Now I have, I think you lot have some catching up to do :P

    I'm currently most proud of the AUK AAA leaderboard. I'll have achieved my season's 100AAA points now.

  • Your shortest day was longer than the previous leader’s weekly total.

  • haha lol-age

    I think I'm gonna do feck all for the rest of the week.
    Just turbo to spin the legs. Got a AAA 200k on the weekend.

  • Can confirm Alderbourne Lane, to the north of Pinewood, has had the most degraded areas resurfaced.

    I look forward to riding it again, haha. At least one has the prospect of Artefood coming up shortly.

  • Fortunately there are no documented cases of a squirrel ever having jumped into a wheel

    You are mistaken. I saw a pic of exactly that, many years ago — was in Murica. Bladed radial spokes too! Not sure how the rider fared, but the squirrel was totalled.

  • lol I was making a sly ironic reference to exactly that picture, oft quoted on this forum, mostly by @Oliver Schick

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  • I saw red squirrels in Scotland.

  • Yeah but did you eat any?

  • They were too fast for me.

  • Haha yes, that very pic! I imagine the rider came a cropper too

  • Very short run out this morning, only a couple of hours, due to me fighting with tyres and tubes til 1am this morning (tubeless is great until it's not), so not getting much kip.
    Very pleasant run around the lanes of Cheshire, with a small amount of rough stuffing it through a slight road block.


  • Quick 40 miles this morning. Took in some of my favourite lanes in and around Strines, found a few new favourites. Tackled the wood fall lane climb from low Bradfield to High Bradfield for the first time. Comically steep - I did actually laugh out loud as I came around a corner and saw it ramping up ahead of me - but managed to grind my way to the top. Heard some cuckoos, hit a few gravel paths, had a bakewell slice. Also, no cunt drivers for once. Pretty glorious morning in all.

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  • Did 39 miles, SSMTB but mainly onroad, which makes me question my decision. Ice cream, Oxford Gold and crisps helped me get round. Out past Henley, up into the hills. A classic car show was on so spotted many interesting cars including an e-type.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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