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  • I guess I lucked out today then. Could have been an early spring day in Norfolk.
    No fog and sunshine meant I was strippping off gloves and layers through the ride. Distinct lack of fitness though! 😕

  • some very scary dangerous driving from our club run today - hard to appreciate from those shots but the bus was already very close to the oncoming car

  • Rode to Cambridge today. Sunny and fresh pretty much all the way. Now on train back to civilisation, tired but content.

  • I hope you reported it

  • yes, it has been reported.

  • our club is quite militant about reporting incidents - had some footage on the weekend news up here this week (accompanying a story re highway code changes). was an even worse piece of driving, where the driver was prosecuted but bargained down to losing their car

  • update on the above: driver charged and pleading guilty to the offence, unlikely to go to court. was an elderly driver (who has not driven since apparently)

  • First proper bike ride in 5 months. Nothing special in terms of distance or route, but just nice to get out.

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  • Looks like we were in the sort-of-similar neck of the woods…

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  • Indeed! I'll wave to you next time :)

  • A beautiful crisp sunny ride on dry roads with one pal...with 6 extremely near misses with cars and incidents of road rage in the 4 hours (in amongst the normal plethora of common or garden near misses). I did notice that there was a lot of cyclists out enjoying the sunny weekend so assume more cyclists equals more rage.

    Anyway, another day of survival and an awesome weeks riding all told :)

  • icy af for the first hour this morning, south of glasgow. here's me on the front

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  • As I left for work my partner suggested I go a longer route to make the most of the conditions. How can anyone refuse such advice?

    I forgot to start gps but remembered just after Stockport. I couldn't stretch time or energy to hit Snake Pass but it was very tempting. Didn't take any pictures.

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  • Some nice gravel on the border of the Netherlands and Germany:

  • Cwmcarn, originally planned for the weekend of Storm Eunice. Very glad we rearranged.

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  • Had the friendliest drivers I've ever experienced in England on Sat. People in the Chilterns actually slowing and waiting to pass.

    Does that mean all the cunts are the parents that are now on holidays because of half-term? Can we lock the gates behind them or something so they stay fucked off? I was frankly amazed at the lack of close passes and how many drivers slowed before passing wide. Felt like I was in another country.

  • Ha. The driver was holding sunglasses, completely missed the apex etc etc. The matter is now with the police.

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  • I took the Dolan billboard out of a quick 30miles while I waited for the paint to dry on the walls in the lounge (diy is death) Which was nice. Managed a 20mph ave and the best bit of the ride? Pissing off a on a prick I know by blasting past him on his TT bike at 30+ mph and beating his TT segment by a full minute. I could see him in the distance and it’s amazing how much paint fumes, coffee, caramel brownies and rage can give you the edge. He sent me a text to call me a Twat! which was extra nice. Then I sat on the sofa and died for an hour.

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  • Midweek rather than weekend, but it was so nice out there today took the opportunity for a sausage roll lunch ride, followed by a little wade in a stream.

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  • Absolutely cracking loop around Borden and Longmoor and down to a town called Petersfield for a coffee. Think gravelly military training areas etc. Superb weather!

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  • Looking fabulous, @hippy. And hilly. The only elevation I got yesterday was on/off dikes along the rivers Maas & Waal. Some bonus strade bianche thanks to road removal though :)

  • Yeah, something like 11,000m of climbing over the two days. I'd originally planned to do another 200k in the middle but we got back at sunrise pretty caned so I figured I'd be sensible and a rest day was in order. We visited the National Cycle Museum which was pretty neat and chilled out in the nice weather.

    That last pic... nice. If only the roads in the UK looked that nice :)

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  • 'Only' 5500m elevation a day, must have felt like just tickling yer calves. I can imagine you wanting to put another 200k in between, who wouldn't! ;-)

    That straight with all the Daisies is a former road made into bike path in a nature reserve, quite nice indeed.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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