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  • And now with knobbly tyres l can retrace all the tracks that cross-cross there I used to mtb 20 years ago.
    Strong climbing game with you being fixed, I couldn’t do that without allthegears

  • skirmett

    The Frog @ Skirmett always makes me smile.

  • indeed - I enjoyed a gentle chuckle as I rolled past

  • Great stuff, there's plenty of decent trails around there - will keep an eye out for the Univega when I'm out that way!

  • I haven't really touched my road bike since picking up a gravel bike in the Spring so it was nice to head out on one of our favourite rides to Whitstable with a strong south-westerly assist for fish & chips, a beer and a whisky chaser on the beach and to prove to myself that I've still got it in the legs.

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  • l'eroica, last Sunday - between Siena and Radi

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  • ^ Oh I thought vids were directly uploadable now.

    Anyway here's some pics, it was wonderful and hard as always, especially for a flatlander like me who didn't do many long rides or miles of elevation at all this year..

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  • It was a dusty edition

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  • Perfect autumn weather east of Bristol

    (I know, front of front mudguard bothers me too)

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  • I think this trip deserves a blog post so I should save my typing for that.

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  • That looks very cool.

    I'm waiting for a time in the future when my Tarmac is "vintage". Shouldn't be long now.

  • If you fit pedals with cages and straps, downtube shifters and route the brake cables above the bars - plus perfect your Italian speaking skills to convince the guy at the starting line the frame was built before 1984, you're in for a nice day of suffering. Although I think you'll suffer even more finding decent Italian craft beers :D

    The red wine and food though... magnificent

  • the nicest of traffic jams <3

  • I've hunted out plenty of Italian craft beer in my travels (there's actually an Italian craft beer joint just over in Chiswick). But when in Italy I'm usually smashing the cheap red and espressos.

    Reckon I can just glue some random cable outers to the frame and at the inspection shout "look over there, a gold-plated Colnago!" and sneak through?

  • See also...

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  • Very good. How did you get back from Durness to Glasgow?

  • Rode back down to Lairg, got train to Inverness, stayed night, train to Glasgow, stayed night, train to London.

  • Did you pre-book your bikes on the various trains? That was the problem we had getting back from Inverness to Edinburgh - no bikes without reservations, and no reservations available.

  • Yeah, we pre-booked all of them. Didn't help with some shitball game on when the trains were full and we had to go get on another going via Edinburgh but then they filled that up with football cunts and redirected it to Glasgow so it kinda worked out.

    I guess it depends when you go - I have heard it's tricky in summer but we were basically out of season and in summer I'd probably have just ridden back given the much longer days. We couldn't get on one Inverness train (18:30) so just booked an earlier one that had slots (15:30). We still made it with plenty of time (I'm sure there's a pic on here now with me on aerobars heading south to Lairg)

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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