Tell us about your weekend ride

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  • This looks like a great one to have a go at some time. My ride was quite nicely split up into pretty short sections, think 4km was the shortest section and 10km was the longest, so never felt like a long ride for anyone which was a good benefit.

  • Will definitely have to look into this, they look like good fun.

  • I'm sure the temptation of another brewery a short ride away will keep people on pace right?

  • Just check the venues are still there & open! Truman’s is now a building site unfortunately and Beavertown is only open Saturday afternoon as far as I’m aware.

  • Definitely scope for a forum ride, maybe I’ll put something up at short notice if we get an Indian summer

  • Why go to another brewery when you're already in one and you have to RIDE to the other? This is LFGSS, my friend. :)

  • I did the Half Manc (60miles) at Tour de Manc today, 11 miles e/w there and back too. I crawled home at about 10mph, downhill.

    Usual sportive carnage at the start, large groups with little traffic awareness, undertaking, collisions etc. Got out solo from them then realised how unfit I am in the hills.

    Lfgss kit worn. Beer in goody bag at finish. Sunshine door to door.

    10/10 would suffer again.

  • I rode through St Georges Hill the other day,­27s_Hill
    I genuinely didnt think such houses existed in the UK with such a gaudy Beverly Hills vibe in Surrey lol.
    This was all without any prior knowledge on a tile ride. I'm fairly sure I accessed it via a right of way, with the somewhat tale tell signs of private signs parallel to the path rather than adjacent.
    With hindsight I got slightly fortunate exiting tail gating someone as it's fob exit.
    Anyone else been there?

  • Yeah, my friend from uni lived there briefly (her dad was very senior at unilever), spent a bit of time one summer hanging around their pool. Got the most pungent spunk-trees I've ever encountered. Next door to cliff richard. Coincidence? No idea.

  • How did they find being the poor kids on the block?

  • Ha! They managed. It's a strange place, def no sense of community! The security guards on patrol in little golf carts is pretty fucking weird...

  • Yeah, very weird. In fairness there is quite a spread of house prices when I looked it up on my return from expensive to obscene. There are quite a few of these odd little gated places down that way.
    It did make me think that some of the super rich/ successful are probably pretty lonely, sports people may be the exception here.

  • I see from the wikipedia link that footie-hero John Terry lives there.
    He once rented my house for the day to pass it off as his own. #csb

    (his wife's publisher said their interiors were too footballer's wife-esque for her wholesome image so she and her people decamped to RVL Towers to shoot her cookbook or whatever it was)

  • Heh, nothing stops tile hunters. :)

    Forum visit ten years ago:

    Less famous than Billy Bragg's version, but Leon wrote it.

  • Sunday morning, tried and tested 55k loop out from Greenwich to Layhams, around Biggin Hill and back through Keston. Should have been straightforward, except it was the first ride since getting covid a month ago and I went single speed (48/19) as I sold my road bike at the beginning of August.
    Oh boy, that was a slog. Lovely morning for it though.

  • Made it up here ha ha

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  • This should be fun, Critical Mass on steroids

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  • Up near me are a series on reservoirs. The Glendevon river was dammed in 1955 and as a result submerged many buildings and a farm. I heard that recently the water is so low that the farm has reappeared so I popped up to find out. I love stuff like this. Loads of fences still holding strong around the edges. Can see where the water would normally be. (Testing aero bars for touring)

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  • you doing the classico next weekend, user stoo61 ?

  • I'll be absolutely hoolit at a wedding all next weekend.

    I also dont know what that is...

  • Aaaahhh ok sounds cool! Says "try not to be a fanny" in the description though and theres just no way I can promise that at such short notice :(

  • There are some excellent routes out that way - I was there last week and returned via Christmas common, ibstone and skirmett, over hambledon lock and home via velolife, a rather pleasant route, espcially the bit around fingest, a lovely section of road

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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