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  • On the track (assuming it's actually smooth) skinny, high pressure tyres make sense.
    When I used to use 23mm everywhere on the road I'd be using around 100psi and probably should've dropped it but I was still hung up on the higher is better mentality.

  • Word of warning!
    Anyone thinking of heading out to Windsor this weekend, it's the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
    Traffic was heavy this pm with the mini roundabout just beyond the Eton & Riverside station snafued.

  • Had a day off yesterday and with our baby due soon I took this chance to do a longer ride before not being able for a while. I had a long running idea to go out explore the Chiltrens offroad, an area I seldomly find myself riding, as it's a true PITA to get to/away from being based in East London.

    I had drafted this route as a chilled overnighter with a friend, but then it never happened, so I decided to do it in one go on my own. The bit out of London to Chesham is not particularly noteworthy, but then things get really nice from there. Lots of vegetation at this time of the year, including plenty of brambles and stingers.

    Full route and more pictures here­5039

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  • Not The Fens. Makes a nice and overdue change.

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  • A few weeks ago a club member complained that the Saturday uprise was not advertised on Facebook and this prevented him from riding. This weeks ride duly advertised and he couldn’t keep up. Cost us 40 minutes waiting and he was still back 30 minutes after us.

  • That looks great — Spain? Looks like Mallorca, but nowhere that I recognize there

  • It's the Coll de Soller, no?

  • Got a couple cool shots last night up the ol' faithful, Dumyat outside Stirling.

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  • Puig Major and Col de Soller respectively.

  • This is a ride you might choose to do this weekend:

    The Victor Berlemont Road Race

    HQ Woodcote Village Hall, start 11am.

    I think you'd need a lot of luck to enter on the line successfully, but riding out to spectate could make an enjoyable day, especially if the weather is as good as the forecast promises.

    This race has a long and distinguished history, and represents a great deal of effort on the part of the organisers. A proper road race like this is really hard to put on in today's restrictive climate, so it's worth supporting even if you're just a spectator.

    Full details here:­/details/243580/Verco-Victor-Berlemont-T­rophy-Road-Race

    If anyone from here does go, I'd certainly be interested to hear what you think about the race.

    If you miss it, I hope to have a report of the race on VeloUK next week.

  • Nice blast around Peaslake this morning, until I managed to high-side myself off on the flattest bit of trail we rode all day. Full-on shoulder roll, landed back on my feet and wondered why the world was upsidedown briefly.
    Carried on for a while until one of my pivot bolts worked itself loose and the back end rattled rather worryingly. Top tip; if it's says to use Loctite on a bolt, it's probably a good idea to actually use Loctite on said bolt

    Called it a day and ate sausage rolls instead.

  • I did the Puig back in about March 2006 after going to a training camp in Mallorca in an attempt to get back into racing again after a few years layoff. Final day, did the climb, did the ride back down and about 5km from base in the north-east of the island my right Achilles ruptured. Season over. Apart from that it was a great week.

  • Ouch. I didn't bust my Achilles but when I did Soller to Pollenca and back on the second day my Garmin recorded a maximum temperature of 46degC. I suffered like a dog on the climb back up to the Repsol garage near Lluc.

  • I know thursday isn't the weekend, but @northlondonlight has other demands upon his time this Sat/Sun.
    Met at Kew and found a long cut to Windsor & lunch at Artefood.
    Returned via Staines, Bushy Park, and Richmond.
    Long cut due to Thames Water repairing a broken foul water sewer on Thorpe Road about 200 yds north from the roundabout. The road will be shut at least this weekend, and possibly 4/5 Sept.

  • Tell us about your weekend road closure

  • Well I'm glad I mooped around doing chores and went out on the RP chaingang with CLCTC this evening then! The northerly breeze was chill tho for August, wasn't it?

  • Yeah, this 'Autumn in August' is outstaying its welcome.

  • Yes, northwards through Bushy Park, on that wide swathe throught the avenues of trees was particularly exposed.

  • Perfect weather for a mountain bike loop around north Somerset, staying south of the M4

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  • Was finally able to get out on a ride over the weekend with some mates that I've been trying to sort for about 2 years that I call the Compass Point Brewery Tour. Basic idea is to hit 8 brewery taps on a rough 8 point compass of London. It's tricky in some places as there just isn't a big selection of breweries that brew on site and have a taproom open so had to sub in some taprooms in places. My original ride that I planned and rode a while ago was all over the place and was pretty tough to get around with a group so I planned a compact one this time around and it was great fun. Turned out to be 58km overall and was out for almost 10 hours, with only 3:36 hours of that being riding. Was fortunate that most of the places were quite quiet so we were served quick and able to sit outside with our bikes without any hassle. Started at Boxcar in Bethnal Green at 12 when they opened then went on to 40ft in Dalston, Two Tribes in Kings Cross, Wolfpack in Kilburn, Prairie Fire BBQ Taproom in White City, Sambrooks in Wandsworth, Bullfinch in Herne Hill and then finished up in Fourpure Taproom in Bermondsey. Have thought about running it as a forum ride some time with some different places to mix it up. Will see if I can ever be bothered.

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  • A ride after my own heart. Nice work.

  • Very nice!

    I did an East London brewery ride a couple of years ago, this was the route (a bit less riding than you did)

    Truman’s Brewery Saturday Taproom
    Crate Brewery
    Howling Hops Brewery
    Peoples Park Tavern
    Redchurch Brewery
    Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club / Three Sods Brewery
    The White Hart / One Mile End Brewery
    The Cock Brewpub - Truman’s / Howling Hops
    Beavertown Brewery
    Pillars Brewery
    Wild Card Brewery
    Tap East Brewery

  • The Newham Cyclists’ brewery ride is always popular

  • Have thought about running it as a forum ride some time

    GSIAD is one thing, but breweries? You'd never get them out of the first one.

  • Thanks, would definitely recommend it as a nice day out.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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