Tell us about your weekend ride

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  • @NorthLondonLight and myself did the Anagram Ride.

  • I have finally started showing up to my Sunday morning MAMIL rides fixed, and my sense of relief is huge. I imagine this must be what it feels like when someone tells their friends they are adopted, or telling their partner that they actually work for MI6. It was that moment of freedom when someone is like 'Everyone this is who I really am'.

  • First class riding on Third World roads. One of my favourite routes from my front door out to Loch Arklet and around Loch Katrine. The Loch Katrine road (no cars) has been closed for a year and a half because some of it slid into the loch but its back now (incidentally I rode it the very day it fell). Surfaces round there are truly appalling, wrist breaking nonsense but worth it in the end. Been riding lots this year as ever but the knee has given up so been sat on my arse all week and truly getting those lock down vibes.

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  • As I have now not left London since July 2019, ^ looks FUCKING AMAZING and I can't wait to have some freedom this summer to venture into some UK countryside to see some non-concrete views like that.

  • Nice! Was unaware that the road had slid into the water. Strava route?

  • Aye landslide, was closed at Stronachlachar. Lots of newly built parts, looks like they took the opportunity to fix potential problems before they happened.

    At the risk of being shopped to the polis...­3304

  • Nice one, gave you a cheeky follow as I'm down in Edinburgh.

  • Dear Council Tax payers of London Surrey.
    Can you see the effects of your parsimony on the Highways budgets of your various Councils?
    40-odd miles today with @NorthLondonLight,
    40-odd miles of seated Buckaroo,
    trying to navigate the potholes, failed infills around drains and manholes,
    rutting, and and open transverse joints.

  • If you cyclists paid road tax like all the other drivers have to the roads would all be in perfect condition. And I bet you’re not insured. Where’s your helmet? You need number plates mate. etc. ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

  • The mud is drying, the lines are getting faster, now we just need 10 degrees more, a bit of sun and no unnecessary wind

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  • Lovely, where is this.?

  • A mix of woods, mostly in Hertfordshire

  • Today was just bliss, the first warm day of the year, glad I happened to have it off work

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  • Did you have a bucket of slop at home, ready to throw over your bike, after you'd finished what looks to be a dry ride? :)

  • I always know where to find my puddles of mud, like a buffalo in the Savanna. We did jump straight into a few we could have easily avoided, but it was the first time this year I didn't have to take a shower with my clothes

  • Out again this morning before work, first glimpses of summer #nogravel

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  • 175K in glorious blue sky and sunshine today. scotland really is one of the best countries on earth when it's like this

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  • @cozey Absolutely. Looks like a nice surface.

    Chilled one for me today and still chilly. Went to see my main man.

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  • Character building errand ride. Set off at 4pm in sunshine. This was 5pm.

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  • Bonny but Baltic! Once a week at least I like to get to the mountains, lochs n glens.

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  • Went MTBing in Surrey Hills with some mates after a 20yr hiatus. They've all been doing it the whole time. Errm, it's come on quite a bit since I last did it! Bit of a baptism of fire, as they pointed me at a drop-in that was bigger than my house, and was told "let the suspension do the work" I declined and could barely walk down it.
    Got into the flow of it after some smaller stuff, managed to remember how to do berms and even did a pathetic attempt at a table-top. Only fucked up once and hit a small tree, wrist is aching a bit this morning.

    Mega fun, can't wait to go again. Hello midlife crisis!

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  • Only fucked up once and hit a small tree

    Low-hanging branches? :)

  • scotland's rubbish, don't come

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  • I was standing in a queue for coffee in Giffnock this morning thinking 'I wonder what the moor is like right now?'

  • it was glorious... some sketchy bits on the descents but still lots of fun...

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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