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  • Real fun and sketchy ride in a frozen world yesterday.

    Most of the main trails in Epping and Hainault were covered in ice resulting from snow packed by walkers footsteps and after going sideways a few times to many I gave up my plan of riding further out, but instead rode some single tracks trails that are typically too boggy to ride with CX tyres at this time of the year. Pretty surreal conditions.

    Had to use hot water at home for the ice to thaw before I could clean the bike from the little spashes of frozen mud, yet it was so cold that the soapy water would freeze back onto the bike! That was a first..

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  • Yes to CX tyres and freeze!

  • No rides this weekend... this morning's conditions are a hint as to why šŸ˜

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  • It was too cold to remove gloves and stop for a photo opp but I realised that a couple of months' running doesn't do much to help cycling form. I was chugging along but thankfully had some sun and turned a headwind on the way out into a nice tailwind coming back.

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  • Seventy five mile ride on the tracklocross with a friend on Sunday up to Gaddings Dam above Todmorden. Conditions were bliss - felt like April! (Relatively) low wind, temperatures around 13C, the sun even came out a little.

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  • 15C turnaround compared to last weekend, (-1C to 14C).
    Chiltern roads showing some sign of budget holders emerging from hibernation and sanctioning some pothole repairs. Traffic volume, (cars/vans etc. down, cyclists up).

    South Bucks roads largely unimproved with drifts of debris across and along the lanes north of Slough. Also many hedges flailed with resulting debris filling roadside ditches.

  • Not a weekend ride but might be useful intel, I rode up the River Lea from Leyton to Hertford East station today, sun out and wind on my back most of the way. The towpaths were in surprisingly great shape, a bit of mud between Dobbā€™s Weir and Rye House but nothing I couldnā€™t cope with on my steel single speed road bike with Marathon Plus 700c x 26. Got the train back to Hackney Downs, it was empty.

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  • Did the bit to Enfield last Saturday and it was indeed already in decent shape

  • Lovely weather, about a month or two too early which tends to sometimes cast a bit of a shadow over the fun of the day

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  • Not to mention the impact on agriculture

  • High pressure is a lovely thing (until this morning when it's blanket fog in Leeds).

    Sun all day, little wind. Went for a ride out to Dog House Lane out of Todmordon (it's rated 10/10 in one of my top 100 climbs books). Apparently 30% at times - not sure about that - managed to get up it on 39/28 without it being too painful. That said, my legs are shot this morning, only doing about half as much riding as last year has had an impact! I'm on call this week so glad in a way I could get a tough one in - 75 miles & 7,500 ft climbing.

    A few new, fab roads, some Veloviewer tiles & never too far from a train station for self sufficiency purposes.

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  • Strange sign there--'cyclists please dismount--no measures to secure against falling'. I can't see where the great danger of falling is? Are they worried about that ditch?

    Is that in Germany or is it just a sign in German somewhere in BE/NL/LUX?

  • "This road may contain traces of peanuts."

  • I had a good laugh about it too, almost an American sign... Of course we all know cyclists are prone to fall off their bikes all the time. Do Germans like to sue councils when they fall of 'bridges' without railings?

    And yes it really is in Germany, the top right bit is just over the NL/DE border very near Weeze airport. I spotted 6 of those signs (either side of the 3 ditch 'bridges', there also was one with railing, without sign.)

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  • Are you telling me German trolls don't live under bridges?

  • Maybe Ruislip has trolls small enough to fit under that bridge, but Germany assuredly doesn't.

  • Ah, I see you didn't start in Tilburg. I thought that looked like a respectable tour if you'd been all that way.

    I certainly haven't seen signs like that in Germany before. Someone at the local council must be over-cautious.

  • "This road may contain traces of peanuts."

    'You'd be nuts to ride there.'

  • Moving from Copenhagen to Silkeborg makes me happy on days like this. 20k loop from home.

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  • too early in the season for this kind of shenanigans, I just got out of hibernation, mind ;-)

  • 300k with 690m elevation... fs, I can rise 690m going to the end of my street !

  • so nice to have a forest that close

  • You must live in a very long street

    I've not been below sea level though on this ride I think ;-)

  • Didn't take any pics this weekend, kept the gloves on. Went on a dirt ride around the hometown today following a gpx (they called it 'gravel' but there isn't much of that around. Sand and mud, all the more)

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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