Tell us about your weekend ride

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  • Ha! And that tree's growing out of my head :)

  • reported to the Royal Society for the Protection of Cycles for hate crimes against bikes


  • Well that was grim.
    A week with three Zoo/Teams meetings, (and preparation & follows ups),
    and joining a student age son who was not bak at (online) university,
    who was wandering what to make of Thursdays US antics,
    meant I woke up this morning 60 miles short of my (first) weekly target of
    100 miles of acitivity.
    @NorthLondonLight had showed some interest in my (dismal) west and south of Heathrow
    dual carriageway rides that got me to the F500.
    Wouldn't normally recommend these roads, but with LHR virtually inoperative,
    the lack of traffic delivering stuff and people to the airport means the roads are almost empty,
    and the air is pretty clean, not Lockdown 1 April 2020 clean and sweet but not as diesel fume filled as, say the Uxbridge Road, or the Ruislip Road.
    40m in, for me and 50m in for nll we turned to cycle south to Staines and pick up one hos normal routes back through Richmond to the Roastery coffee shop at Kew.
    It was cold, the cloud had never lifted and despite never once raining,
    our tyres had been wet all day as the road surface condensed water vapour.

    nll's metric ton came up around Twickenham,
    and we appreciated hand-warming drinks at the Roastery.

    Home, with 73 miles, and feet that felt like they had inflexible pads stuck to their soles.

    A good day to look back on, from a sunny Summer afternoon.

  • This is how much mud I left on the sidewalk by my house, I probably got reported for that!

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  • 115km on the clock for me. Plenty of times when I'd have gladly jacked it in and gone home.

    I'll amplify on my hand issues which meant that for much of the ride I was effectively riding a single speed because I was unable to change gear with frozen digits. Both yesterday and today, my end of ride espresso was accompanied by a large container of hot water to act as a hot water bottle
    Neither time was it entirely successful but at least it made getting gloves back on less of a pantomime with trying to put 2 digits in the same finger hole.

    As @mespilus stated it was character forming, even at my age.

    I hope the Covid police aren't looking here for people breaking lockdown rules!!!!

  • Ok, so it’s not a weekend but after nearly five weeks off I did a 90 minute local loop. Bit of a puffing billy as trying to get the fitness back ha ha. I love love love this bike with the upgrades now :)

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  • Just back from working in Cyprus over Christmas, fortunately it wasn’t particularly busy, the weather was excellent with only one day of rain and I had my beloved Brian Rourke with me. From the end of November to the middle of January I managed 46 rides totalling 2053 miles in 144 hours with 116,300 feet of climbing including two century rides.

    Anyway, pictures...

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  • More...

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  • Even more...

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  • Last ones...

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  • Very nice, very jealous.

  • That's so unfair?

  • All those of you with studded tyres are laughing today.

  • Bike riding is good.

    Tentsmuir woods / beach on a wild day.

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  • Great photos @Ducky🦆well done. Roads look empty, must have been bliss..

  • Love that first photo!

  • Local route. Shorts. No need for gloves. Spring? Highlight was a banana by the pier and bike chat with a lovely couple on matching ti van Nicholas bikes

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  • Out and about

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  • Can't be in the UK, they've managed to keep the roads and paths passable.

  • Best lunch break ever today!

    (Had to defrost the bike before I could clean it though)

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  • Very impressive crudification!

  • It held up decently.

    I guess I have to stop complaining about it wearing up quickly though, icy mud paste has to be pretty high in the abrasive chart. It got to that state after only 90min of riding.

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Tell us about your weekend ride

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